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Top West Coast Elite Boutiques (SF/LA)Not much is mentioned of PWP SF, GHL LA, Centerview SF, etc. Any idea on how West Coast boutiques are viewed in terms of exit opps, dealflow, rank? (Including Q, Laz, EVR Menlo, etc.). And how would they stack against top west coast BBs (GS,MS,CS)? Was hoping someone could shed light on... 1 1 year 7 months
Effectively Working the Informational Phone...Note: Just wanted to post this here in case anyone found it useful. Saved this off BankonBanking, which doesn't really exist anymore but was a really useful site for me. I thought the guy offered some pretty valuable advice that might be more in-depth than the existing resources (WSO/M... 2 years 3 months
How do you absolutely outperform during SA...Hi guys, Currently at a reputable firm with MDs that have a strong connection to guys at BBs/Boutiques as a sophomore (going into junior year). The MDs have in the past gotten interns into those places, but apparently only interns that were highly valued and impressed them. Only 2 out of 10... 6 2 years 10 months
Just How Useless is the Asset-Management Industry... Thoughts on this? Professors have been basically telling me to put my money in index funds. I think that one of asset management's roles is to pretty much make the markets more efficient through the "experts'" advice through... 21 2 years 11 months
Differences between BB PWMs - UBS/ML vs JPM/GSPWM is generally looked down upon, except for the opportunity to add "name" to your resume. Just curious, what is the exact difference between these two categories of PWM gigs/shops? I heard ML/UBS gigs are usually bich work. Would that be different for JPM/GS? Read a lot of conflicting... 6 3 years 2 months
ibd bb pwm bb ibd. 6 3 months 3 weeks
Summer Classes (GPA) or Internship? for SA BB IBD...Situation: Grades confirmed already for this term. Effed up the finals. Mediocre GPA - (Cumulative) 3.5+, but not high enough for solid BB IBD recruiting (3.7+). This year, its pretty evident that everyone that gets an interview are 3.7+ at my semi-target. If i do take summer classes, I can... 15 3 years 4 months
Whats the point of work experience?I've heard it sets you apart, and shows interest. But I don't get whats the point of work experience if a Harvard philosophy / econ 4.0 guy is gonna beat out a Ross finance 3.6 guy with involvement in finance clubs that teach dcfs and solid work experience. If work experience and knowing how to... 4 3 years 4 months Gone?So after reading a lot of stuff this summer, I found The guy who ran the site actually gave a lot of helpful tips on WSO as well. But I found that his posts on his websites filled some unanswered topics that are not on M... 4 3 years 5 months
What constitutes "good" networking?Attended a couple of information sessions for both MM and BB banks last year and this term. I understand that info sessions are only a way to obtain contact information and give the bankers an image of who you are. You follow up with them after But in the end, A LOT of people ask for cards (... 4 3 years 6 months


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Its probably possible if your well connected....Its probably possible if your well connected. Also, the answer depends on whether its U.S. you're talking about here or Europe. In terms of BB off-cycles, on linkedin ive seen mostly dartmouth kids. Probably due to their d-term or something like that 9 1 year 1 month Not sure how relevant, but might be helpful. 1 1 year 7 months
Just like any other target, but you'll have a lot...Just like any other target, but you'll have a lot more alumni on the street. Weird that I'm promoting my own thread, but it would still be useful: 1 2 years 3 months
The top targets get recruited not when classes...The top targets get recruited not when classes are nearly full, they are always guaranteed a certain number of SA spots as targets. Most of the times, these are larger classes than lesser targets. 12 2 years 3 months
Saved this from BankonBanking, which doesn't...Saved this from BankonBanking, which doesn't really exist anymore. Thought it was useful: Applying to the Applicationless Boutique There are pretty much 3 types of positions an applicant can apply to when it comes to IB recruiting – OCR (on-campus recruiting) positions, positions that have... 9 2 years 3 months
Yeah, I apologize for the confusion. I think it...Yeah, I apologize for the confusion. I think it differs based on the difference in situation. OP here is barely 2 months into school and has an offer from JPM for next summer. He can add on experience for IB at any boutique during the school year (if hes interning near or in a city), and will still... 6 2 years 6 months
Jesus christ man, thats already really awesome. A...Jesus christ man, thats already really awesome. A BB brand name will definitely help for next summer if you're aiming for BB IBD. And you can probably go through the mobility process or just network your ass off for a spot with the IBD summer class next year. Congratz! 6 2 years 6 months
Theres nothing wrong with "exploring options"...Theres nothing wrong with "exploring options" even though "you really enjoyed working with them and appreciated the opportunity." they liked you, so I'm sure they would understand 6 2 years 8 months
Don't think it would be as easy now:http://online...Don't think it would be as easy now: 26 2 years 8 months
lol, you make it sound like its just a walk, you make it sound like its just a walk in type of job to work at evercore. 5 2 years 10 months
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