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Job BoardCan a Monkey get some help with the job board, please! I sent an email on Friday asking why it was taking so long to get access to the job board after making a payment on paypal, and still haven't got an answer. Anyone else have any issues with this? 2 years 11 months


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what's your take on the internationalization...I don't think the RMB will become a reserve currency within 7 years, I think a more likely scenario is the emergence of a reserve currency comprised of a basket of the yen, rmb, euro, and dollar is much more likely, but even then I don't think that will happen anytime soon. The dollar and the US... 2 years 11 months
I'm Done Being a Bro - Just asked her to be...What you think you said: "Do you want to be my girlfriend?" What she heard: "Do you want me to be my fiance two years from now?" 2 years 11 months
Office Politics: An Introduction to the Kitchen[quote=Immortal1]meeeow[/quote] For real. This kitten's got claws. I just wish I knew if she were hot or not so I could decide if I give a shit about what she is saying. 2 years 11 months
Our VP caught me masturbating. IS she going to...Dude is this your first time to jack off in a hostile environment? You gotta take precautions- do your biz in the bathroom for fucksake. Despite your claims that this is legit, you have left out the most important details: - How often did you see her before this incident and how often since... 2 years 11 months
The airplane, the island, and the millionaireI* 2 years 11 months
The airplane, the island, and the millionaireMe and it appears most of the other commentors may be missing something, because I don't see how this is particularly intriguing. It appears to be a straightforward legal question, albeit dramatic. Unless by asking "where did the money go?" your friend was asking a somewhat philosophical question... 2 years 11 months
Best school in Texas for IB?I second what cpt. koolaid just said. Don't discount SMU, though UT would of course be the first choice. 2 years 12 months
If you tip you're an idiotFirst of all: "fitnessmodel" = douchiest tag ever. Secondly: don't you have some lame blog you can post tripe like this on? Finally, to address the "substance" of your post: not tipping at the end of the meal makes you what economists would call a freerider. The waiter probably gets paid... 2 years 12 months
Should I go to law school?[quote=crazi4ib]Many thanks for all the replies. Please help me understand how exactly is corporate law so much more boring than ibanking, when ibanking also involves sitting at your desk for ~10 hours a day? [quote=TEX]And if you are capable of scoring a 170 then you are capable of mastering... 3 years 1 hour
Should I go to law school?DON'T FUCKING GO TO LAW SCHOOL! I just graduated and am studying for the bar right now. If I could do it over I wouldn't have gone. I thought it was what I wanted to do, but I didn't really think it through, which I think is a mistake you are making as well. In a nutshell the day to day... 3 years 1 day