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How many of you dress like this?I have not seen white socks with black shoes and suit, but the ubiquitous red socks (long time ago), the purple socks and a few years ago the light blue ones. Whether status representation or passcode of a secret society, definitely an eye catcher, not always for the most beneficial reasons. Has... 2 years 4 months
How many of you dress like this?... very bold to wear ultra-slim fit with such a collar and tie/shirt pattern combos. Can't help but think of a gym-aficionado waiter, but none is sporting the slim black tie. No belt/tie tucked... no comment. On the other side, yeah, most of us wear these nowadays, particularly with our... 2 years 5 months
Why are we Obsessed with "Work/Life Balance...Thank you North Sider, it is a well-written text with very insightful analyses. Unfortunately some of your comments have been misunderstood, but you have gone great lengths to precise and explain. => You are right, many people just like to complain irrespective of the amount of time/effort they... 2 years 5 months
Am I early?Play, enjoy, dream, explore, read, socialise and network (friends from youth tend to last longest), date girls, hone your talents (writing, playing an instrument, sports, collections, friends, story telling), pay attention in school and get good grades. For a future profession, best thing is to... 2 years 5 months
Are You "IBD or Bust"?I agree with you guys, and please don´t get me wrong. Money is important in life and you should be careful to include this when deciding. Otherwise, chances are you might end up blaming society/the system/bankers/etc for whatever consequences derived from your our shortsightedness. Money, in... 2 years 5 months
Ask a preftigious HF principal anything[quote=IlliniProgrammer][quote]Then who are you trying to fool? Also, for anyone who claims from HYP, I know is certainly not from H. People like to include H in whatever catagory they are in. Take the words from a former Havard reject. [/quote] Seriously, this HYPSW s...tuff isn't all its... 2 years 5 months
From Wall Street MD to Main Street CEOFirst class post, thanks. Great answers, solid professional this Joe 2 years 5 months
Are You "IBD or Bust"?[quote=IlliniProgrammer][quote=TeddyTheBear]. If you do a search on this forum, you will see the perception of the average college kid is simply out of sync with what the industry is actually like. These people believe they can be making 150k out of undergrad.[/quote] This is so true. In the... 2 years 5 months
Who is the 2012 WSO Member of the Year? (Poll...[quote=IlliniProgrammer]Swagon is no longer a member, thus I don't think he would qualify.[/quote] It is true... didn't see him around anymore. What happened? He was a sharp contributor 2 years 5 months
Who is the 2012 WSO Member of the Year? (Poll...All listed, thanks for your great contribution. It is a good experience to read from and exchange ideas with these knowledgeable and experienced smart guys, whom also have great sense of humour. Blackhat and sirtradesalot, In close tie. TNA, ravenous, CAR, frieds, bondarb and dontmakemeshortyou... 2 years 5 months