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Davidson Kempner / DKHello - Can someone share what he/she knows about Davidson Kempner / DK? I know they are very big - $15B or more, two main strategies - distressed credit and event-driven (might be wrong), and been around for a long time since 1980s? Any information would be helpful! Thanks in advance. 2 years 3 months
GlenviewWhat do you guys think about Glenview? I believe it was started with some help from Omega Advisors. All I know other than this is, $4+B AUM. Multiple industries. Long/Short. Any info would be appreciated! 2 years 4 months
CoatueHi guys, Anybody here knows anything about Coatue? I know it is one of the Tiger Cubs. TMT focus. Equity L/S. Some websites say $3B AUM and some says $5B+, so I am not sure. It is also quoted couple times by one of the top 10 funds in the last year or two in returns. One thing I... 2 years 9 months


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Davidson Kempner / DKAny thoughts on DK? Anybody? 2 years 2 months
Glenview30% last year? great. what do you guys know about their non-HC groups? YellowLorrySlow - i sent you a pm. thank you very much! 2 years 4 months
Coatuehow about career track for investment team? is it the same as for the research group? i.e., 2 years and out? 2 years 9 months
CoatueThank you everyone for posting your perspectives. I would love to hear more. 2 years 9 months