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Avoiding Capital Gains Tax- Accounting Mind NeededA man I know is currently 94 and selling his house within the next month or so. He has an offer of 750k which he is willing to accept, but is looking for any way to avoid or lessen the capital gains tax. He has two sons; one whom is single and 65 years old, and the other is around the same age but... 4 3 years 4 weeks
MetLife Mid Cap Stock Index PortfolioI am in search of the symbol which correlates to the MetLife Mid Cap Stock Index Portfolio, but seem to be having some trouble. My boss assigned me generate a portfolio snapshot of certain Mutual Funds, and I cannot seem to find the symbol for the afforementioned. Any help would be great! 3 years 3 months
Obama- US bridges and roads being built by...I recently found a very disturbing video which questioned President Obama and his decision making. There have been a few major projects involving construction in the United States which are still being worked on, and these projects have been given to Chinese firms. These are multi-million dollar... 11 3 years 10 months
President Obama's New MedicarePresident Obama's new Medicare bill is an absolute joke to me. He is trying to convince elderly people that he is helping them when in fact he will be hurting them. He seems to be trying to save his ass right before his election term. To read up on Obama's new Medicare bill which is an absolute con... 4 3 years 11 months
The Presidential RaceNovember rapidly approaches, and I am still torn about who I will be voting for. What is everyone's thoughts on the candidates? (support your claim) 10 4 years 2 weeks
Apple Splitting It's StockApple's shares are soaring, and can reach as high as $1000 within the next two years. Do people think their stocks will split, and if so when? Their stocks are going to become too expensive for investors, and I personally believe they should split within the next year. 11 4 years 2 weeks
College TuitionI am a freshman in college right now, and lately I have been seeing a lot of articles in papers, and reports on the news questioning if an undergraduate degree is worth the tuition. Some schools, such as mine, have tuitions that are sky-rocketing, and people cannot keep up. Some people are coming... 9 4 years 1 day


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If you were bringing home other chicks while '...If you were bringing home other chicks while 'dating' this chick you obviously aren't secure enough for the relationship... only a matter of time 76 3 years 9 months
Express, Levis, DieselExpress, Levis, Diesel 165 3 years 9 months
How I Met Your MotherHow I Met Your Mother 24 3 years 9 months
Illegal immigrants, too many uneducated people, a...Illegal immigrants, too many uneducated people, a lot of people with an education have a very poor education, national debt is way too high, more jobs need to be created 31 3 years 10 months
The fact that you took time to post this disgusts...The fact that you took time to post this disgusts me 21 3 years 10 months
At Men's Wearhouse you can get some pretty good...At Men's Wearhouse you can get some pretty good suits for sure! Your range is pretty good because they always have sales going on and stuff so for $500-700 you should be able to get a pretty damn good suit... The life of it all depends on how well you take care of it 26 3 years 11 months
Mo... the legend of legendsMo... the legend of legends 16 3 years 12 months
It's all on you man, bust your ass! You're not...It's all on you man, bust your ass! You're not going to go anymore if you're already limiting yourself... It's not just about the name of the school! 20 4 years 1 day
Unfortunately for your cousin all of the top ivy...Unfortunately for your cousin all of the top ivy league schools get applications just as impressive as his by the thousands. They look for something especially unique that makes him stand out from everyone else with a perfect GPA, and outstanding SAT scores. Schools are so competitive in today's... 22 4 years 2 weeks
Notre Dame by far!Notre Dame by far! 162 4 years 2 weeks
WallStreet Prep Master Financial Modeling