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Bankruptcy Filings - where to find?Anyone know where bankruptcy filings can be pulled from for a public company? Thanks in advance 3 months 2 weeks
Rank These Tests: Series 7, 63, 86, 87(in order of difficulty) 4 months 1 week
Small boutique S&T/ER firmsAnyone have experience with this business model? Does it work? (Small boutique as in 5 months 6 days
Excel question - x-axis on a chartTrying to make the labels lay out diagonally rather than horizontal. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. 7 months 1 week
Accounting/Tax question (MLPs)When a private owner of a public MLP sells a big block of shares to the public, where does incremental non-cash amortization come from? For example, private holder sells their 10% stake in the MLP and as a result the public shareholders see an additional $1.0B of non-cash amortization over the... 7 months 3 weeks
MLP ValuationAs I read analyst notes, it seems like they all use a three-stage distribution discount model to get to their price targets. Anyone have any examples of one of these models or any good links? Thanks 8 months 2 weeks
Investor Relations CompWhat kind of compensation do you think the head of IR makes at a $2B to $10B Market Cap size company? Is this a prestigious position? This is really just out of curiosity. 9 months 1 week
Gardening BreakWhat exactly is the nature of this and how long is it usually for just someone at the analyst level? i.e. covering a certain industry in banking and then moving into an equity research or equity investing role in that same industry? 9 months 1 week
Implications of a lack of modeling experience?At what point does a lack of modeling experience impact your future prospects less? When I talk to higher ups in different sectors I'm interested in lateralling into (corp. dev., ER, etc.) a common theme is a big emphasis on significant modeling experience as a criteria for the job... 11 months 2 weeks
Getting out of Corp. Banking (looking for advice/...-Have worked in corporate banking (energy) for a little over a year and have kind of plateaued. -Looking to move on but am not sure where to go. -Not interested in IB (due to hours). -Interested in ER, but just am not sure how to go about breaking in. -Regardless, just looking for ideas... 11 months 2 weeks


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3 Myths About Excellence That I Used to BelieveSo anyone that is 6'6, ~215 lbs and does the exact same things as Michael Jordan will be the best basketball player ever? 4 days 13 hours
How would you rank the top PE firms?^ 4 years later 2 months 1 week
Total Comp for Bulge Bracket Equity ResearchMaybe a 75k cut? Really no intuition behind that though. 2 months 3 weeks
US Capital Advisors LLCbump 3 months 6 days
AMA: HY/Distressed Analyst at NYC based Mid-Sized...Can you shed some light on some of the similarities, differences, pros, cons, compensation, hours, etc. of being a research analyst on the buy side vs. sell side? Much appreciated. 3 months 1 week
Best IBD Group for Corporate Development Exit...I used all my silver bananas on that little exchange. Don't regret it one bit. 3 months 2 weeks
Houston Energy IB SceneTPH doesn't grind their guys? lol 3 months 2 weeks
Bankruptcy Filings - where to find?Thank you sir 3 months 2 weeks
Equity Research Bonuses - 20141st year, ~1 year prior experience, boutique, 85k base + 20k bonus 4 months 3 weeks
Equity Research Bonuses - 2014Was thinking the same. 5 months 2 days