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Excel Wizards - need help with graphIs it possible to have a stacked bar and a normal bar next to each other? For instance, have 1, 2, 3, 4 as values, want to have 1, 2, 3, stacked in one bar with 4 next to it another bar... 4 months 2 weeks
Higher Ceiling and/or Higher Avg. Comp - SS...Just curious, thanks for the input. 4 months 3 weeks
Bankruptcy Filings - where to find?Anyone know where bankruptcy filings can be pulled from for a public company? Thanks in advance 8 months 1 week
Rank These Tests: Series 7, 63, 86, 87(in order of difficulty) 9 months 1 week
Small boutique S&T/ER firmsAnyone have experience with this business model? Does it work? (Small boutique as in 10 months 2 days
Excel question - x-axis on a chartTrying to make the labels lay out diagonally rather than horizontal. Thoughts? Thanks in advance. 1 year 2 days
Accounting/Tax question (MLPs)When a private owner of a public MLP sells a big block of shares to the public, where does incremental non-cash amortization come from? For example, private holder sells their 10% stake in the MLP and as a result the public shareholders see an additional $1.0B of non-cash amortization over the... 1 year 2 weeks
MLP ValuationAs I read analyst notes, it seems like they all use a three-stage distribution discount model to get to their price targets. Anyone have any examples of one of these models or any good links? Thanks 1 year 1 month
Investor Relations CompWhat kind of compensation do you think the head of IR makes at a $2B to $10B Market Cap size company? Is this a prestigious position? This is really just out of curiosity. 1 year 1 month
Gardening BreakWhat exactly is the nature of this and how long is it usually for just someone at the analyst level? i.e. covering a certain industry in banking and then moving into an equity research or equity investing role in that same industry? 1 year 2 months


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Yes, same thing, it's the "sales" function in...Yes, same thing, it's the "sales" function in lending. Job is to go out and win new business and maintain existing business (i.e. gain more $ commitments and don't lose existing ones). Edit: it's way more than that, and the best ones are the ones that have a good feeling for the credit market... 1 month 6 days
Citi and Barclays for midstream, then GS.Citi and Barclays for midstream, then GS. 3 months 2 weeks
Higher avg?Higher avg? 4 months 3 weeks
So anyone that is 6'6, ~215 lbs and does the...So anyone that is 6'6, ~215 lbs and does the exact same things as Michael Jordan will be the best basketball player ever? 5 months 15 hours
^ 4 years later^ 4 years later 7 months 1 week
Maybe a 75k cut? Really no intuition behind that...Maybe a 75k cut? Really no intuition behind that though. 7 months 3 weeks
bumpbump 8 months 2 days
Can you shed some light on some of the...Can you shed some light on some of the similarities, differences, pros, cons, compensation, hours, etc. of being a research analyst on the buy side vs. sell side? Much appreciated. 8 months 1 week
I used all my silver bananas on that little...I used all my silver bananas on that little exchange. Don't regret it one bit. 8 months 1 week
TPH doesn't grind their guys? lolTPH doesn't grind their guys? lol 8 months 1 week
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