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Current MSF Students Q&ASo as everyone is applying to and deciding on what MSF program they are going to attend next year I wanted to start a thread where prospective students can ask current students any questions they may have.. I will make a list below of Schools as well as students at each. If you attend one of... 2 months 2 weeks
PhillyDelete 1 year 5 months
JD/MBA for Distressed PE and/or RxSo the topic of using a JD/MBA as a gateway to IB and finance has been shot down before and rightly so the JD and law in general is not quantitative AT ALL, so it does not prepare anyone or add any real value in the traditional sense and traditional avenues of finance. Would the JD/MBA add value... 1 year 6 months
Houlihan HeadhuntersHey does anyone know what headhunters Houlihan uses.. Not office specific but preferably LA and NYC. 1 year 7 months
Rx Firms ListHey guys, I am trying to build a list of both top and up-and-coming Rx firms. I know the obvious BX, Laz, Hlhz.. There is also evercore, buckfire, glc,etc. I am trying to get a full list of what would be the top like 15 firms and maybe some up-and-comers 1 year 8 months
Getting into MSF programs with a low GPA/GMATI was talking to Anthony the other day and we were talking about people constantly asking about getting into MSF programs with low GMAT scores and/or low GPAs. As Anthony posts most of these topics I figured I would chime in and help out.. I am matriculating now at one of the well talked about... 1 year 11 months
Cost of AttendanceReal quick and simple question... Has anyone ever had an issue with cost of attendance being too low compared to your budget you are making? I am pulling my hair out with these financial aid people telling them to disburse the full dollar amount of the loan I applied for and was awarded and they... 2 years 1 month
UT-Austin vs. Villanova MSFOkay.. So I haven't officially gotten any word on whether I will be accepted to Nova yet... But I got my offer from Texas this morning. And because it is April I know I have to make a quick decision. Which program should I choose? My goal is Growth Equity(not necessarily first job out of school... 2 years 2 months
Food in NYC near Penn Station/MSGYo so I am going to get lunch before I head out today and don't know where I want to go.. Not really even sure what I am in the mood for, just need to find something.. Any recommendations for the Penn Station/MSG area? 2 years 3 months
Random Rant about BanksI have a deal pricing next week and _________ Capital Markets is working on it... I am seriously beginning to wonder if the "best and brightest" work at banks. Worked with the same group a couple weeks ago on another deal and dealt with the same stupid questions and stupid people... Actually... 2 years 4 months


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MSF Question and Answer[quote="Esuric"]"calikid3820" wrote: If you are presenting to a CFO im concerned for your company. LOL this I agree with. But to the larger point, the CFOs know their business well but that doesn't mean that they're experts in structuring supply chain distribution agreements (not that I am... 1 month 3 weeks
MSF Question and Answer[quote="Esuric"]"calikid3820" wrote: A) WARA and IRR are not "valuation techniques" they are discount rates B) Contributory Asset Charge is a fancy way of saying allocation of net working capital The WARA and IRR are calculated for reconciliation purposes in order to test assumptions built... 2 months 2 weeks
MSF Question and Answer[quote="Esuric"]calikid3820 wrote: Hahahahaha. Dudeeeeeee props to owning your role and being excited. But, the intangibles you are mentioning only apply to PPAs which is an accounting/tax exercise. The I worked in Big 4 valuation and can say that you do no "real" valuation. Numbers come from... 2 months 2 weeks
Current MSF Students Q&A@23mishima" added as a Georgetown contact.. Feel free to ask questions or reach out. Sorry I am so MIA on this. I generally don't get home till about now and only open my laptop 1-2 times a week 2 months 2 weeks
MSF Question and AnswerHahahahaha. Dudeeeeeee props to owning your role and being excited. But, the intangibles you are mentioning only apply to PPAs which is an accounting/tax exercise. The I worked in Big 4 valuation and can say that you do no "real" valuation. Numbers come from clients and you take a textbook... 2 months 2 weeks
MSF Question and Answer@Esuric" I thought you were doing corp dev? or F500 something? Did you flip to BVal? Will echo that those groups are pretty much all masters degrees (Not sure why as they don't know/do anything). It is seriously just plugging numbers into a DCF template and writing massive reports where you try... 2 months 2 weeks
Current MSF Students Q&AUSC program is new.. So not sure that you will find someone that can help. Assuming there is a textbook or something for the course, try buying it early and flipping through it to gauge your aptitude (probably what I would do) Also. Finally adding people to the topic. Sorry been getting shelled... 2 months 2 weeks
MSF Class of 2016Hi all. Finally getting a moment to breath after getting shelled the last couple months.. Just wanted to spread the spring cheer and throw some MS around... Gotta spread the poooooo 2 months 2 weeks
Current MSF Students Q&ASorry Ive been jammed at work. Will add @Demtor and @sporkuser to the post. 4 months 1 week
Villanova MSF Class of 2015[quote=TNA]Hold on, wait haha. You need at least a 3.0 to graduate, which I had above that. LOL I am referring to a ton of students. I know plenty of students with one weak leg in their application that got a solid look or admitted. Villanova is holistic in that regard, something I personally like... 4 months 3 weeks