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If being in the mafia was as profitable as being...I just found out my godfather as well as my great uncle both 'disappeared' one day and were never seen again. Case closed etc... They had sports cars, nice houses in the best areas, and were always 'working'. It got me thinking, if I was them, I would have stayed on their path. So I ask you WSO... 3 years 1 month
When you are older do you want to live in the...Serious question. Personally me? Suburbs, grew up outside of NYC and intend to live here 3 years 2 months
BCG says banks should keep cutting compensation/... Note how it says it is suppose to stay this way for years (as usually HD chick) 3 years 2 months
Got an offer but having second thoughts (opinions...So I got my offer, but frankly I do not want to do Ibanking. I have talked to many alumni, family friends etc and they have all said for my goals I should not do Ibanking because it has no relevance and besides that they are telling me to not go onto Wall Street in general (MD's PM's etc). Also I... 3 years 2 months
Any dippin monkeys here? There must be some....What is your preference? Grizzly for me, always just kind of stuck with it, but I am looking for something else Love dat feel in class with a lip in. feelsgoodman 3 years 2 months


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SunTrustRH Email Format[quote=kellypdm]What's up everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows the STRH email format. Currently an IB Analyst looking to move from NYC to Atlanta (have family there). Thanks.[/quote] I do not blame you at all, I wish my family lived in the South 2 years 11 months
Apple’s Siri vs Google’s Voice SearchI just purchased the Galaxy S3 - LOVE IT! GoogleVoice is so much better than Siri 2 years 11 months
What I want for my nephew[quote=Brady4MVP][quote=ULNWI][quote=BlackHat]If he's 12 though, when exactly should he start studying for the SAT? I feel like anything earlier than maybe the start of high school might be overkill, and even that's pushing it a bit... If I recall, I didn't start studying until the summer before... 2 years 11 months
What's it like in the South? Culture wise?The south is the best, much better than NYC imo 2 years 11 months
Does GPA Matter?[quote=byucko]GPA absolutely matters: 1) For getting ANY summer job, GPA is by and far the best metric of whether a candidate is smart or not. *As for their resume, it could have been built by anyone (hookups) 2) MBA programs look towards your UG GPA and difficulty to see if you can withstand... 2 years 11 months
What did you want to do when you first got to...Army Ranger - broke my shoulder so it killed those dreams. 3 years 6 days
Stub-Bonus Bananas - June 22, 2012you know what? You enjoy the weekend. 3 years 1 week
What to do this summer? Looking for advice...throw some strippers in there and that should solve your problem 3 years 2 weeks
The douchiest things I ever said: can you top...that is douchey? hahahaha "targets" are not douchey, you guys try to be. It is so funny, growing up all my brothers target friends hated me and my friends (especially when we were down the beach) because we were complete assholes to them. As in they called the police on the house assholes, but... 3 years 3 weeks
Morgan Stanley Smith Barney Career PathYes, I know a few people. Upwards movement is significant on a financial level and MSSB has a better work life balance. Idk why more people don't work for smith Barney. 3 years 3 weeks