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Moved to MiamiI just moved to Miami and am currently living in Brickell, what are some spots other than SoBe I should check out?Brickell area has changed drastically over the past few years so interested in hearing your thoughts. Any monkeys currently living down here as well? 1 year 7 months
Ken Griffin speech on how he started CitadelKen rarely speaks publicly so interesting to hear his views on some current events. 2 years 7 months
Long Weekend PlansPretty slow with it being the Friday of a long weekend, wanted to know if you guys had anything interesting going this weekend? How many of you will be studying for the CFA? I'm hitting a concert tonight (Juicy J) then doing some sailing on Sat. 2 years 8 months


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If you want to get back into FO then no do not...If you want to get back into FO then no do not move to MO. MO jobs are not always simple and cushy either, the traders and PM are under alot of stress and they pass that stress right along to you depending on what the group does. I worked in MO for 2 years unless its a very small shop almost zero... 8 months 5 days
Respect for having the balls to quit and do...Respect for having the balls to quit and do something different, I wish you much success. 9 months 2 weeks
I was looking at my cell phone bill last month...I was looking at my cell phone bill last month and thought this has to be way too much as I am paying $350 a month for 4 phones with unlimited text (basically unlimited calls with rollover minutes) but only using 2 gb of data yet I am paying for like a total of 15 gb 9 months 3 weeks
Expecting the Hawks to close out the Preds...Expecting the Hawks to close out the Preds tonight..Nashville has alot of fight but losing in last game after all those extra periods has to be pretty demoralizing especially when Patrick Kane never really got going. Could be really important to get the extra days rest when it looks like Blues v... 9 months 3 weeks
Blackhawks need to play better if they want to...Blackhawks need to play better if they want to make it through the West but with Kane back and hopefully Darling settling in at goalie they can pick up some momentum. 9 months 3 weeks
For me it would have to be moving out of parents...For me it would have to be moving out of parents house too early after getting a job. Nothing bad really happened because of it but I definitely could have save close to 10k by just waiting for about 6 months or so. 10 months 14 hours
Easy C: My Core Philosophies #1: Women do the...[quote=Easy C] My Core Philosophies #1: Women do the choosing If you struggling with dating, then this point comes before all others. The phrasing is borrowed from a mentor I had back in the day for good reason: every other thing here is based on a recognition of this fact. While I... 10 months 4 weeks
Great write up. Great write up. 10 months 4 weeks
Jim Jeffries is my favorite at the moment. Aziz,...Jim Jeffries is my favorite at the moment. Aziz, Bill Burr, and Hannibal Buress are right up there as well. In terms of old stuff Patrice O'neal, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Eddie Murphy, and Martin Lawrence. 11 months 3 days
Virginia Tech 4ever: eignenvector: Big Tom...[quote=Virginia Tech 4ever] eignenvector: Big Tom Brady fan.... but if Brady steps outside US nobody would really recognize him, Ronaldo is known all over the world no matter how much of a douche he is. This may sound jingoistic (which is fine--it is), but America is the only nation that... 11 months 3 weeks
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