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Did Joseph Stiglitz mess up this IB interview...I was reading this article from Stiglitz, a famous economist at Columbia, and this part of the article struck me as a bit odd: "As Apple has shown, it can finance anything it wants to with debt – including paying dividends, another ploy to avoid paying their fair share of taxes. But interest... 4 2 years 11 months
Visitors to the office?What's the policy in investment banking for bringing visitors to the office? I remember when I was networking, some contacts would meet me at a neutral location like a coffee shop. But a few analysts or associates or MDs brought me up to the bullpen to chill and talk and possibly meet people. This... 4 2 years 12 months
Product group tradeoff?I realize that M... 3 3 years 2 weeks
Networking with Megafund MD/PartnerI'm working at a BB/Elite boutique next year in IB. During the banking recruiting process, I got in touch with an alum who is a MD/Partner at one of the top-top megafunds. This person liked me a lot after meeting me and personally reached out to his contacts at different banks to try to get me... 1 3 years 1 month
MBA recruiting and GMATDo top PE firms or MBB consulting firms care about GMAT scores when they're recruiting MBAs? If so, what overall score and quantitative score would be considered impressive and what would be seen as a liability? 2 3 years 1 month
Networking vs Headhunters?Unlike banking recruiting, PE funds have headhunters that choose candidates to put on the interview list. That said, how effective are the networking strategies that one might use to break into banking (emailing alumni at PE funds, meeting up for coffee, etc) in a PE recruiting context? Does... 7 3 years 1 month
Prep for PE interviews before IB stint?I'm currently a second semester senior with a IB job lined up at a BB/Elite Boutique. I know that it's really tough to find time to practice PE interview stuff while working 100 hour weeks in IB. Is there anything I could self study before I start in IB that would prepare me for PE interviews... 6 3 years 2 months
IB Signing Bonus questionSo WSO conventional wisdom says that, after taxes, the $10k signing bonus for IBD analysts is more like $6k. Are the taxes taken out of the bonus up front or do I pay taxes on it at the end of the year? Also, why is the total tax bill so high on just $10k of income? 7 3 years 3 months
More Money Than GodAnyone read this? It covers the history of hedge funds and the stories behind some of the big names. Fantastic book; just finishing it now. 17 3 years 3 months
MM to MF after HBSIf one doesn't end up at a megafund after 2 years in investment banking, but rather, ends up at a MM shop for the pre-MBA stint, would it be possible to transition to a megafund after 2 years at HBS or do megafunds only take post-MBA associates that worked at megafunds prior to H/S/W? My guess... 6 3 years 4 months


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You can recruit outside of FIG from a FIG banking...You can recruit outside of FIG from a FIG banking group. Look on linkedin at alumni of the two groups and see which one has more people in the exit that you're looking for. Evercore and Laz are great in NY and place better than the FIG groups you mentioned on average (a lot is dependent on the... 2 8 months 1 week
They've given out offers already, as has Bain.They've given out offers already, as has Bain. 98 2 years 2 months
Most have merged? Among BB's, pretty sure it's...Most have merged? Among BB's, pretty sure it's only Goldman and BarCap where the M&A responsibilities are solely taken care of within the coverage groups and even then, the banks each have "M&A" groups - it's just that their M&A groups are different from those you would find at other BBs. 13 2 years 3 months
Don't know anything about BarCap Menlo Park but...Don't know anything about BarCap Menlo Park but there are some groups at Barclays NY that are very good and are doing well. Natural Resources is great. But, in NYC, there are also some IB groups you can get stuck in like Risk Solutions that are extremely different from traditional banking and have... 3 2 years 11 months
The Phantom: A relative / gf for a quick visit...[quote=The Phantom]A relative / gf for a quick visit around 8pm when most MDs are gone? Sure A friend at 3pm when everyone is at the office? Wouldn't do it[/quote] Ok, what's the protocol for that? Do you have to get security clearance or something? If someone's working on a merger or something... 4 2 years 12 months
NorthSider: Riddle me this: everyone seems...[quote=NorthSider]Riddle me this: everyone seems aghast to the concept of large banks. Outside of the concern that the largest banks participate in the securities business, what exactly would the difference be if we had networks of regional banks in their stead? Historically, the overwhelming... 12 3 years 1 week
Goldman is IB and McKinsey is traditional...Goldman is IB and McKinsey is traditional Management Consulting? If you want to go to a top Bschool and end up in marketing or general management after, it really won't matter that much which one you pick. If I had to choose, I'd give a slight edge to McKinsey given that they send a lot of people... 4 3 years 1 week
Duke>Cornell>NWDuke>Cornell>NW 35 3 years 2 weeks
Illuminate: determined_m-effer: Honestly, I...[quote=Illuminate][quote=determined_m-effer]Honestly, I have no incentive to troll, why would I troll? To impress random people on a forum?.[/quote] I don't really understand why anyone trolls, but people obviously do. Let's dissect this futher. OP says he's meeting with "one of the most... 61 3 years 2 weeks
eldiablo4857: Guys, its like this: imagine if a...[quote=eldiablo4857]Guys, its like this: imagine if a dude's been courting a girl for like 4 months and taking her on nice dates and finally she puts out and sleeps with him. Now, lets say there's guy #2 who meets this same chick out at a club 2 days later and bangs her back at his place that night... 104 3 years 2 weeks
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