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How rich do YOU have to be to quit Wall Street???How much money would YOU personally need to quit wall street and retire? then live your dream life What is your dream amount of cash? and dont say a billion unless you really want to get up to that. 2 years 8 months
Stuff Rich People Love (link) 2 years 9 months
CFA funtamental or technicalFor the CFA or to be an analyst do you use more technical analysis or funtamental analysis? 2 years 11 months
Which Market Sector to Specialize in???Here's a little background: My future goals include: -becoming a financial analyst -get CFA -get into equity research I am still young and I do would like to specialize more in a particular field. It doesn't matter what field- i'm looking for a sector that it easy and not complex. A sector... 2 years 11 months
Options- How do they work???Do their pricings change throughout the day? Or are their pricings dependent on the last closing price for the day before? How often are option prices being adjusted??? 2 years 12 months
How do you get access to your financial...I have been looking at the Bloomberg Terminal and the Thomas Reuters terminal or app. I am jealous when I see movies and news when I see prop shops and trading desks where everybody looks at their financial info with the top notch electronics, multiple screens, and complex colorful key boards. I... 3 years 4 days
Throw stocks in closet or pull out?Okay so im pretty new at trading stocks i've done a few trades and traded some options around. So i need advice because i dont know what to do... I bought PBR @ $28. now it's at $19. It's been trending down hardcore and even though it's been going down i've been just holding on. I was thinking of... 3 years 1 week
How to invest with a hedge fund?How does one find a hedge fund to invest with? Are investment banks a better choice for the unwealthy? The rules include that a hedge fund must have 65% of it's investor's to be accredited. I am not a millionaire. It seems that every hedge fund that i know of with high returns are only for private... 3 years 2 weeks
illuminati theory----> My name is traded on... start like 4 minutes through Is this guy on crack? He's pretty convincing, but sounds insane. can i really look up my birth certicate number on the stock exchange?? bull crap 3 years 3 weeks
How is Jim Simons so rich???Does Jim Simon's have some secret formula for his trading computers' that is worth millions? Do all quants use similar formula's? Does Renaissance Technologies have 1 formula that makes them billions? enlighten me 3 years 3 weeks


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Best virtual portfolio or stock simulator program...thinkorswim or investopedia 2 years 9 months
Why do wall street guys love muscles? Help a...I believe i am an attractive male, although i am aware that i am tall and skinny. I lifted weights in middle school. never got buff lol After high school everybody lifts weights. I don't lift weights because I would rather be doing something else with my time. II compare lifting weights to the same... 2 years 11 months
8 CFA Candidate Mistakes You Could Be Makingdont study too slow that you can't cover all the topics and not too fast that you dont understand it. Great article! :) 10 out of 10 2 years 11 months
Ideas for Personal Account.Wow, cool... The website is truly amazing, replaced Google Finance for me![/quote] Dude, me too.. me too.. I was lost but now im found 2 years 11 months
Ideas for Personal Account.[quote=IlliniProgrammer]What is wrong with the idea of buying a solid dividend stock and holding it forever? Buy a large US oil company yielding between 3 and 4% and take home $10/month (inflation adjusted) for the rest of your life. Or buy a European oil company yielding 6% and collect $15/... 2 years 11 months
What's the hardest interview question you...Very last question at my interview yesterday Interviewer: Do you have an good jokes? Me... Is this a joke? ... lol Interviewer: lol no... Me.... 2 years 11 months
"So What Would You Do If You Couldn't...Physcology n philosophy... Then make my own talk show or blog 2 years 12 months
Options- How do they work???Thank you much, I'm about to buy an option- so it's appreciated :) 2 years 12 months
Office Initiation Be nice-Tell him. It's messed up to be teased at work. Especially if your new. 2 years 12 months
How do you get access to your financial......Anybody else on WSO have recommendations for a good quoting service?? w/level 2 quotes 3 years 3 days