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Can you feel Black October Coming at HBS?Just a few more days til it's here. What's everyone's strategy going to be? Are you gonna go in guns blazing, or play the waiting game? I'd love to get some strategy talk going. Exciting times for the broken hearts in Cambridge. 13 3 years 7 months
Hipster Rankings - North American CitiesThey're everywhere. Smooth comb-overs and black frames, they breed like bunnies. Some are rich, some poor, but rest assured, the love is free. Organic dinners. Gluten free. It's all so post-global. Things are all grooved out as we enter year 5 of the recession. Food trucks, fading keyboard loops... 40 3 years 8 months
Is California Too Good?Top-down and sun-soaked, we hit highway 1 - the butterflies are stirring. They always are. It's Malibu to San Fran, girls in the back, and deep-down, we know we're beating the world - no one's living better than us. A week later I'm back on the East Coast. It's nothing to cry about - the city's... 31 3 years 9 months
Hotter Girls....Chicago or BostonTalk to me. Chi-town or Beantown? 43 3 years 10 months
Lunch Beats coming to NY?? Businessweek ArticleIf you didn't read the latest issue of Businessweek, Europe is being taken over by a lunch hour dance craze.... club style! DJs, free water, AND dark rooms. So tight! Better yet, it's on its way to North America just in time for summer! What does this mean for us Monkeys? A spike in the... 3 3 years 11 months
Best way to Refresh?Hey amigos, I've been working really hard lately and I'm on the verge of burnout....Can people recommend some ways to refresh and refocus? I'll be taking a few weeks off... Was thinking of: Renting a sports car and driving around Europe Hunting the bronze stuff in Brazil Cycling... 22 3 years 11 months
Dumbest SplurgeAll the monkeys up in this like to stack a bit of dough here and there. Some save, others don't. Let's here some "major regrets" or "best purchase" stories from all the wannabe baller shot-callers.. Any of the following?.... Russian > weird rash Club > Kobe sighting > pretend you're... 39 3 years 11 months
Successful People Who Were Bad StudentsA lot of legends didn't have their shit together at 19, 20, or 21. Too many people on here try to pass people off as commodities... GPA = Top 25 etc. It's not very difficult to see that these "bad students" are really smart people...they just didn't want to package themselves too early..... 20 3 years 12 months
Last Song before Leaving the BuildingYou're done. The allure of tech and freedom and entrepreneurship finally gets the better of you. You shake with the MD, pack your bags, and.... one more thing... If you had time to throw on your rollerskates and hoist a ghetto blaster over your shoulder, what song would you play while getting... 14 4 years 20 hours
For the People Leaving Finance for TechHow much do you actually "know"? I'm not trying to kick-off Wrestlemania here - just trying to assess the situation. Are we talking about monetizing blogs, developing apps, retail startups... or is it more like: you have a good idea, you raised/supplied capital for tech companies, you boozed... 3 4 years 1 day


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how stinky was it? Her dad must shit on her a stinky was it? Her dad must shit on her a lot, considering he's an MD and all... As long as you smell better than the old man, you should be fine 130 5 months 22 hours
I wanted to be Ron JeremyI wanted to be Ron Jeremy 149 2 years 1 week
Didn't read other comments. Just curious, how...Didn't read other comments. Just curious, how interested in food were you before you started this? Did you do a lot of cooking? Or was this more of a - I'm tired of looking at a screen all day I need to talk to people sort of decision? I've noticed a lot of people getting technology "burnout",... 47 2 years 2 weeks
Isn't there a huge group of people that leave and...Isn't there a huge group of people that leave and don't end up working at a start-up? People do all sorts of things... med school, journalism, teaching, corporate training / coaching, small businesses outside of technology, for example food / entertainment. Not everyone is trying to create a... 80 2 years 1 month
he's hothe's hot 53 2 years 3 months
If you decide on med school I'd recommend taking...If you decide on med school I'd recommend taking a year off and travelling the world. I know way too many doctors who've done absolutely nothing in life except study since their last year of high school. They've actually done NOTHING. I don't even know what to talk about when I see them 102 2 years 4 months
Too late? People make changes like that when they...Too late? People make changes like that when they're in their 30s 102 2 years 4 months
^ It can make a huge difference. Of course, it...^ It can make a huge difference. Of course, it comes down to relationships, but different places definitely have different scenes / people. Agree to some extent with "it is what you make of it", but that has limits. Day 6 in North Dakota isn't going to go down as one of the best in your life. New... 57 2 years 5 months
^ She's a superwoman, duh^ She's a superwoman, duh 109 2 years 5 months
My god. You are overthinking this way too much...My god. You are overthinking this way too much ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 15 2 years 5 months
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