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OTC Commodities ContractsI'm beginning my internship on a physical gas desk in Houston at a super-major firm on Monday so naturally I've been reading up on the business as much as my final exam schedule allows and a question came to mind: Does a market for options on specific physical commodities exist? I know that... 1 month 2 weeks
Super-major Supply & Trading - What to Expect?Hey guys, I just accepted a summer offer for an internship role in the supply... 3 months 4 weeks
DickFuldIs @"DickFuld" actually Richard S. Fuld??? The dude IS certified after all... or is this just WSO trolling us hahaha his posts are hilarious. To WSO if it actually isn't Dick Fuld and y'all are just trolling... y'all are some dicks! 5 months 2 weeks
That Awful Moment When You Realize...You'll be facetiming it up from 2pm-8pm. What do y'all do to combat the agony of facetime and make yourself look productive? 5 months 2 weeks
Supermajor Physicals Compensation?Hey guys, I recently accepted an offer for SA position on the trading floor of a top supermajor O... 5 months 3 weeks
Power Trading QuestionsCurrently I'm a college junior in TX and just completed an internship with a boutique investment bank focusing on E... 10 months 2 weeks
ADVICE NEEDED PLEASE HELP!!! PWM->IBMonkeys, I recently completed a PWM internship at a BB and moved to a PWM group at another BB primarily for a source of extra money while going to school and to give me something to do otherwise I'd have a huge gap in my schedule during the time range that I would go to work. 3 weeks into my... 1 year 2 months
Institutional Sales CompI've been digging around using Google and the search function here to find comp structure information for BB and Boutique institutional sales, but am not finding much. What does typical comp structure look like in institutional sales at a BB as opposed to a Boutique firm, and how does it compare to... 1 year 5 months
CFA as Undergrad Worth It?I am currently interested in the general AM and Equity Research space. I've had a few informationals with ER guys and former ER guys who are now working at HFs and some have told me that if I am interested in doing ER straight out of undergrad without an MBA that I should become a CFA candidate,... 1 year 6 months
Leveraging AM location for IBD networkingCurrently, I work at a BB in AM and in the same building we have a few floors which house the IBD. Would it be appropriate for me to go to the IBD floors and attempt to engage bankers in conversation to network? Or would that be seen as weird/inappropriate? 1 year 6 months


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Barclays Power & Utilities: Welcome to the...The analyst that wrote this is a total jackass - I knew a guy who got IBD and would tell me stories about how he sent shit like this to all of the new summer analyst classes. His career has been a long slow downward spiral ever since. This isn't funny - it's stupid. What a waste of time. 3 weeks 5 days
EDF Trading: well known in the Energy Trading...They are well known in the power markets, but the power markets today are hampered by regulation. The commodity trading houses - Gunvor as you mentioned for example - are pretty well respected and are probably less power focused. Neither are bad but if it were my choice I'd choose a commodity... 3 weeks 6 days
Physical Trading: Crude vs LPGI'm currently interning on an LPG desk at a supermajor oil... 3 weeks 6 days
Best Paper Money / Trade Simulator PlatformTOS is unrealistic with paper because it gives paper accounts instant execution. In that case you would absolutely kill it in every market lol 3 months 4 weeks
S&T Pay From EmolumentStill interesting info - thanks for the post 3 months 4 weeks
How Can I Earn banana?I understand how earnings bananas works now but what are the most prestigious varieties of bananas? 3 months 4 weeks
Energy Rankings, non-bank[quote=oSnap]Here they are in order* for you: BP Chevron Conoco Exxon Glencore Gunvor Marathon Mercuria Oxy P66 Shell Trafi Valero Vitol *alphabetical, hopefully you realized that by Exxon, which doesn't trade.[/quote] lol 3 months 4 weeks
S&T Pay From EmolumentAny idea how comp for physicals traders v. the rest of the industry might compare? Or in your research did you notice any discrepancies in regards to physical v. financial? 3 months 4 weeks
I will do what I wantThe butthurt is strong with this one - if you can't take a ribbing from an online forum and feel the need to "prove" yourself to us with lame stories about how much money your parents have thinking it grants you some sort of credibility then I would advise against you operating a business. Too... 4 months 3 weeks
I will do what I wantWhoops - didn't see that 4 months 3 weeks