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Private CounterpartiesOver the course of my internship I've had the opportunity to interface with folks from our credit risk group and chatted with them about how we determine the creditworthiness of our counterparties - and unsurprisingly a lot of it revolves around analyzing their publicly available financial... 2 days 1 hour
GETPIVOTDATA HelpI have a massive pivot table full of data with respect to NGL trades my firm has completed and am linking the data cells from the pivot into another workbook. I found a way to automate the dumping of row data but for some reason I'm having a hard time automating the columns. The formula currently... 6 days 6 hours
WSO Really Needs a Commodities S&T TagWSO should consider adding commodities to the S&T dropdown list of options for the S&T badge displayed on profiles. would be much preferred and 'cooler' than the current 'other' tag. Just a thought. 2 weeks 1 day
Excel Model Help?Hey guys - so I'm trying to find the average return on natural gas that my firm trades at certain domestic hubs and have a spreadsheet with thousands of rows of data and only some of it is actual volumes of natural gas given that for some reason the sheet shows dollar amounts on 0 volume which are... 2 weeks 2 days
MBA Rebranding for S&TWe often hear stories about people who didn't get the job they truly wanted out of undergrad the most common of which -- on WSO at least -- being people who end up in corporate finance or consulting and decide that it isn't for them and that they'd like another shot at getting an IBD gig. Often... 3 weeks 1 day
OTC Commodities ContractsI'm beginning my internship on a physical gas desk in Houston at a super-major firm on Monday so naturally I've been reading up on the business as much as my final exam schedule allows and a question came to mind: Does a market for options on specific physical commodities exist? I know that... 2 months 2 weeks
Super-major Supply & Trading - What to Expect?Hey guys, I just accepted a summer offer for an internship role in the supply... 4 months 4 weeks
DickFuldIs @"DickFuld" actually Richard S. Fuld??? The dude IS certified after all... or is this just WSO trolling us hahaha his posts are hilarious. To WSO if it actually isn't Dick Fuld and y'all are just trolling... y'all are some dicks! 6 months 2 weeks
That Awful Moment When You Realize...You'll be facetiming it up from 2pm-8pm. What do y'all do to combat the agony of facetime and make yourself look productive? 6 months 2 weeks
Supermajor Physicals Compensation?Hey guys, I recently accepted an offer for SA position on the trading floor of a top supermajor O... 6 months 3 weeks


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Rule of thumb is that you should be wearing what...Rule of thumb is that you should be wearing what you would wear to an interview in your LinkedIn profile pic 5 hours 34 min
This is what I was assuming. Appreciate the...This is what I was assuming. Appreciate the clarification index! Perfect - I am in commodities as well. 1 day 7 hours
bump bump 1 day 18 hours
Figured it out thanks gents Figured it out thanks gents 2 days 1 hour
Bahaha I didn't throw it! Bahaha I didn't throw it! 6 days 7 hours
Nope - haven't seen anything. But I know for a...Nope - haven't seen anything. But I know for a fact that careers site applications are open. Strictly for IBD no word about S&T yet. 1 week 1 day
You can apply for Houston IBD now - just sent my...You can apply for Houston IBD now - just sent my application in last night 1 week 1 day
It all comes down to how much value you provide....It all comes down to how much value you provide. An investment bank derives more value out of an excel jockey who's primary challenge is coping with the demanding nature of sell side work - and not the difficulty or critical thought devoted to the work itself which is often bland and monotonous... 1 week 1 day
Checking in, lmao for a second I got terrified...Checking in, lmao for a second I got terrified and thought that the reason all of these banks don't have the jobs posted yet because the deadlines already passed. I'm so out of it. Already had the ability to apply for: -Goldman -Moelis -Evercore Seems like everything else will be... 1 week 1 day
@AndyLouis @AndyLouis" 2 weeks 1 hour