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Hey Man, What Are You Listening To?enough said 3 years 1 week
Private Student Loans Becoming More CompetitiveWell if I can't consolidate my private loans with these new rates then I could give two shits. Hopefully easier consolidation will be an option for outstanding loans. 3 years 1 month
Studen Loan Horror Stories - What do you think?Thanks Nobama... I wasn't saying that the gov't should get out of the SL buisness. Just limit it intelligently (key word here). It think it's about time Americans start understanding we're not the greatest nation on earth in any way. The economic "recovery" will never fully come to fruition... 3 years 2 months
Studen Loan Horror Stories - What do you think?Recent graduate here and I have $95K in outstanding student loans. Finance major in college, graduated honors, blah blah blah....I'm here to enlighten you monkies Many people think that the rise in student loans and predatory lending is because of rising tuition. I hate to break it to you but... 3 years 2 months