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DOJ Unsure About AB InBev Takeover Of Group ModeloSo what's my go to shitty beer, Steel Reserve 211? Below-Sub-Premium? Re: the ruling, the large companies are already doing all they can to force craft beers off the shelves or into low visibility areas of the beer aisle. I would assume this would make their efforts more aggressive, which I... 2 years 5 months
How I Get Top Grades in UGNice tips. Along the lines of "knowing yourself," check out and use the professor rating websites or talk to other students about certain classes/teachers. If you know you're strong on papers but hate tests and more than one professor offers the course, take the one that's more tailored to your... 2 years 5 months
Best Dress Shoes for Durability in the Financial...[quote=SECfinance]Do you own shoe trees? Also you know you can get AEs resoled right?[/quote] This. Use shoe trees to keep the shape and soak up the moisture, get them resoled if that's the main problem. You're buying quality shoes. Pay the money to get them repaired if something major... 2 years 5 months
MSF Question and Answer[quote=TNA]Age is generally not focused on, but if you are more of an MBA candidate you should be prepared to answer the "Why an MSF and not an MBA" question.[/quote] Thanks. I'm actually returning to school late. Left school my first time around, so if I do go MSF it'll be straight out of... 2 years 5 months
MSF Question and AnswerThanks for this ANT, I did have a few questions about this, some which you answered in your initial post. I live in and was hoping to stay in LA, so looks like I need to target Claremont initially. How well does a MSF(or even a MAcc) help in rebranding if you come from a total non-target with... 2 years 5 months
Are You "IBD or Bust"?I'd say lawyers are even worse than some of the people pursuing banking. The legal field is oversaturated with people that have JDs in their back pockets. People go to Chitlin Switch State and get a law degree for almost the same price as Harvard, come out of school after 3 years they could've... 2 years 5 months
Are You "IBD or Bust"?I see your point but I don't think it was articulated in the best way. It's hilarious to me when people scoff at a $65k salary out of college. According to some if you don't make $100k/yr you must be living in poverty. HYS or bust. IBD or your life is over. It's a ridiculous thought process.... 2 years 5 months
What geographic region dominates in Consulting?I've been wondering that too since I'm here in LA. Looks like a lot of the LA offices are all smaller, with only a few consultants and smaller teams. All the big firms even past MBB(Deloitte, OW, LEK, etc) have offices for sure. The Bay isn't all that bad though. And probably has bigger offices... 2 years 5 months
The Street Before Christmas 2012Awesome post. My last SB, but we'll earned. 2 years 6 months
Waging a moral war on HerbalifeI have multiple friends involved with Herbalife. One is an ex-con and he suckered his friends and family into it somehow. Now my Facebook and Twitter feeds are bombarded daily with this crap. Had friends in another pyramid scheme before, PrePaid Legal Services, many years ago. They gathered all... 2 years 6 months