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Finally!Just got my iPhone 5. Thinking about writing my review here. 3 years 4 months
If you could choose PE or IB: which would you do?let's say you had offers from a top BB IB or a top PE shop right out of UG? What would you pick and why? Assume the comps are mostly equal, which I venture to guess is a fair assumption, correct me if not. 5 years 4 months
Jon Stewart / Rick Sanchez OpinionHow much bullshit is it that RS can't have an opinion outside of his job at CNN. Don't get me wrong, I love Jon Stewart, and generally think RS is a joke, but him getting fired is crazy. Seems I'm the only one that has this reaction as all my friends are telling me RS deserved it. But I think it... 5 years 4 months
Any Good Resume Review Services?My significant other is looking to change jobs and her resume is sort of a mess, but has good experience. I don't want to get too involved as we tend to fight over personal criticisms and I would tear her apart if I shredded her resume like I shred a work presentation, LOL! Anyone suggest or have... 5 years 4 months
Buying a Tux Ideasthinking of getting a tux but not sure. been going to a lot of black tie events (3 this year) and have a few more coming up. Seems black tie is coming back. Anyone have any thoughts on buying a tux? Renting is getting expensive and the quality sucks. Feel like a butler half the time even if... 5 years 4 months
Getting job for significant other at my bank?OK, this is a serious question. My significant other is looking to change jobs and she has asked me to forward her resume to our recruiting department for a job in a different position and to make a few calls on her behalf. Good idea, bad idea? Pro/Con? I'm very conflicted but it could also be... 5 years 4 months
Baller Vacation Spots!?OK, planning to take my significant other on a vacation for 1 week. First real vacation in a long long time. Need some top recommendations, specifics please on destination, where to stay. Need to impress! 5 years 4 months
Working Xmas, just found out! :-(Oh well, at least I get to travel to HK for the first time ever. Hope they sell RedBull over there! 6 years 1 month
Who's working on thanksgiving?Hopefully everyone getting some time off! 6 years 2 months
VPs or MDs on hereDo any VPs or MDs post on here. Curious on their perspectives. Seems there are mostly analysts, or analyst hopefuls on here. 6 years 2 months


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Rule of thumb on thank you notes: they can only...Rule of thumb on thank you notes: they can only hurt you. 1 year 9 months
1,000 mm1,000 mm 3 years 4 months
This would be a dream come true.This would be a dream come true. 3 years 4 months
Good thread! Thanks for sharingGood thread! Thanks for sharing 3 years 4 months
DRH? Is that even a metric? I'd ask the...DRH? Is that even a metric? I'd ask the lifeguard at the roof pool? j/k 3 years 9 months
SECfinance: Lazard is not a boutique... How...[quote=SECfinance] Lazard is not a boutique...[/quote] How exactly would you classify them if not as a boutique? Full Service Buldge? 3 years 9 months
I used to use this but don't anymore.I used to use this but don't anymore. 3 years 9 months
those guys ar a tough interview so be prepared.those guys ar a tough interview so be prepared. 3 years 9 months
YALE FTWYALE FTW 3 years 9 months
No one works in N.O. Best party city in...No one works in N.O. Best party city in america. Vegas is second rate when it comes to partying. NO is #1 3 years 9 months
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