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The Decision Elf. Have you seen him?Often times we look back at the shoulda coulda wouldas. We stay in certain situations way longer than we should because we are afraid of what might come next. We talk a big game about all the things we would do…if only (I had more time, more money, no debt). But those are excuses and they will... 3 2 years 10 months
How to Get Laid OffSo you hate your job but youre not ready to leave b/c you don’t want to be broke and you don’t already have a new job lined up. So what to do, you can stick with it, as another user recently posted, or you can get yourself laid off. The old “it’s not you, it’s me – but really it’s you” hat trick... 6 2 years 10 months
Worst Career Advice for New GradsListen up all you newly minted college grads. Now that you’re entering the brave, new, depressing world that is life post college, you are probably eager to jump start your cube life and pay down your debts. And everyone you talk to is gonna offer up their unsolicited sage advice about careers and... 9 2 years 11 months
12 Quarter Life Crisis Questions to Ask Yourself I wouldn’t exactly say I’m crestfallen these days, but I do often question what I’m doing with myself. The question has plagued me since I moved out of the 18-24 box. You ask other people for advice, but how often do ask yourself what you are doing. Maybe its time to have a little 1-on-1 time with... 13 2 years 11 months
How to get a good deal on CraigslistGone are the days when you had to go through your carrier to replace you phone. Roughly 100 million ads go up every month and with a shelf life of less than a day it’s important to know how to spot a good deal on craigslist to avoid getting scammed. Read on for a few tips on getting a phone on... 2 2 years 12 months
How to get work done when you’ve lost your...Just a few hours ago I submitted my taxes – they only took about 15 minutes mostly because they were simple and Im broke. But the tax man cometh and taketh anyway. I came to the sad realization that net-net my post tax take home is about as much as my pre-tax salary from my first internship (5... 12 3 years 2 weeks
How I manage all of my Work and Personal gadgetsI am surrounded by technology. I work in technology and i’ve had some sort of cell phone since hanson was born. I have a PC, Blackberry, and an iPad for work and a Mac, windows phone (looks away in shame) , a kindle, and an ipod for play. Usually all of the these items are within reach, so when I... 6 3 years 4 weeks
Upgrading my Reading ListLast week I attended a master class at one of the MBA programs I’m looking at. The Professor was interesting he spent some time talking about all of the standard hot topic issues and we went through a case study. I left the class with one take away – I want to read more finance books. I made note... 21 3 years 1 month
5 Reasons you didn't make the cutLast week I was helping out another group with some interviews for an experienced hire and of all the interviews I held, I only recommended 1. The standards are a bit different when interviewing lateral hires. We expect you to actually be knowledgeable in the area you are working and be able to... 7 3 years 1 month
11 ways to Fake Work like everyone else in your...mod note: this was originally posted on 7/11/12 Everyone’s on vacation. You’ve pretty much done minimal work the last week because you were celebrating your independence. Let's face it, you've probably checked out since memorial day weekend and now begins the long stretch towards labor day weekend... 82 3 years 1 month


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<a href=[quote=SAC]I have a question. I want to apply to HBS and Stanford in their 2nd rounds for the upcoming fall. I basically have a month and a half to take my GMATs, do my essays, recommendations, etc i.e. So I basically haven't done anything yet. How feasible is this? what about 3rd rounds for the... 19 3 years 5 months
Hayek: This looks like a good plan. I'll...[quote=Hayek]This looks like a good plan. I'll probably send in apps during the fall of next year too. I would point out that I know many, many people who went through the whole process very quickly (a month doing essays/apps) and still managed to get into very good schools (Wharton, HBS) so I don'... 19 3 years 5 months
I think you should always connect with them. It's...I think you should always connect with them. It's important to have them as a contact now. They understand that you may not be looking now, but that could all change in a matter of months. Always worth building the network. 5 3 years 5 months
kyleyboy: What's a good way to practice...[quote=kyleyboy]What's a good way to practice presenting ? I'm not great at presenting in front of crowds. Thanks[/quote] Find someone nice on your team to run through it with you, should only take 10-15 minutes of their time (your presentation really shouldn't go beyond that). Also plan out... 15 3 years 9 months
Do you have a dedicated room for this or do you...Do you have a dedicated room for this or do you use a regular meeting room and just move chairs out of the way? I feel like the latter would take some getting use to. 5 3 years 9 months
Connor: guilty.......[quote=Connor][]guilty....thinking of upgrading to Samsung Galaxy III. good choice?[/quote] I've been a long-time Android user, but I think I'm going to hold out for the iPhone 5 that should drop in September.[/quote] I don't really expect the iPhone 5 to be much... 20 3 years 9 months
I just got the HTC One S and its the best phone I...I just got the HTC One S and its the best phone I've had to date. I've never had an iPhone so I'll refrain from any anti iPhone comments for now... 20 3 years 9 months
TerpStreeter: I hear some people make a real...[quote=TerpStreeter]I hear some people make a real Excel file the home screen. This way you can just click on to the desktop and at quick glance all a passerby will see is an Excel file that they presume is being worked on.[/quote] If you go this route make sure to hide the desktop icons,... 82 3 years 9 months
captainbuysidee: I used to work with a guy who...[quote=captainbuysidee]I used to work with a guy who would randomly start cussing out his computer and get really angry. I once asked him why and he said so people think he was doing work. Genius[/quote] I would just assume he was crazy which would be reason enough for me to leave him to his own... 82 3 years 9 months
JDimon: lol. Good advice. But the last bullet...[quote=JDimon]lol. Good advice. But the last bullet is most important - make sure if something is expected of you, you get it done and get it done well[/quote] Reasonably well...its mid summer - don't want to set the bar too high, then you're boss will to expect these things from you 82 3 years 9 months
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