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How to keep in touch with co-workersHi everyone, Last summer I had a Corp Strat. internship with a Global Fortune 50 company in a team of 5 that had mainly ex-MBB consultants. I wanted to stay there full-time there but there was no budget for additional hires and I was too inexperienced (the lowest ranked FT member had around 4... 2 1 year 3 months
Corp. Strategy interview in one weekHi everyone, I have a 2nd round corp. strategy internship interview with a Global 100 company for their new strategy department (fewer than 10 people). In the first round I had some questions about my previous experience and about "walk me through your CV". In addition, main focus was on... 6 2 years 2 months
Who to contact at consulting firm?I want to apply for an internship position in continental Europe at a top consulting firm where I participated in two events organized by them. In order to skip the hustle of building a cover letter and other recruiting steps I want to contact some of the people I met there. I have the following... 3 2 years 3 months
Inquiry about mid-low ranked MBA degree: is it...Hey guys, I would like to ask your opinion on a choice that I have to make with regards to picking an MBA program. First, a little on my background: Masters in Management student in a top continental Europe business school, target for IB and MBB consulting (although not accessible to me due... 1 2 years 4 months
From MSc/MBA in Europe, to PEHello everyone, I'd really appreciate your 0.02$ on this one: What would you do in my situation if your end goal would be to land a job in PE? I am recently admitted for the MSc in Management at one of the top 3 Business Schools in Germany, starting in autumn. I come from Eastern Europe and I... 1 2 years 8 months
How to keep in touch? - Any input is welcome Hello everyone, Because I haven’t managed to find a decent answer, I would like to ask you guys how do you keep in touch with professional connections that you have. Also, how do communication styles differ by level (md/partners vs analyst/consultants, industry (e.g. consulting vs banking)... 1 week 6 days
Big 4 vs MSc => MBB?Hello everyone, I'm currently interning in Big 4 Consulting, in the Europe, and from the discussion with the managers, it may be possible to get to an FT position later on. I like my current firm apart from the fact that they don't really train juniors and there are quite a lot of operational... 10 3 years 3 months
Did I screw my chances?Hello Everyone, I've had my last 2 interviews with A T Kearney (out of a total of 5) last week. The 4th one was with a principal, very cool guy with whom I we build rapport early and I got a feel that I did very well in that interview. The last interview was with the MD and we were discussing... 7 3 years 8 months
Consulting vs slight chance of getting into VCI am currently interviewing with A.T. Kearney in S-E Europe (intern position), and also with a German startup with aprox 5 mil attracted VC funds (6 months business development internship). I don't have an offer yet, I'm in the middle of the interviewing process, but I am wondering what if I would... 2 3 years 10 months
Best work exp for B-School?Hello everyone, I would like to ask you what do you believe would increase my chances for getting accepted into a top 10 MBA. Data about me: -undergraduate student (3.0 GPA) w/ 2years Work exp at family business (22 employees as sales managee, whilst studying. -participated in a few very... 6 3 years 11 months


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Thanks for doing the AMA. I wanted to ask you...Thanks for doing the AMA. I wanted to ask you about how is the atmosphere between colleagues? Is there cutthroat competition or is it more of an collaborative environment. Also, when would it be best for MBB consultants to get into PE? Before or after MBA? Thank you. 51 4 months 5 days
Thanks for doing this and for giving something...Thanks for doing this and for giving something back to the community. I'd really appreciate your adfice on tips that you would have for a someone soon to start as a BA. In particular: 1.) Tips for building a strong internal relationships, esp. considering that most times you will be only... 142 11 months 3 weeks
Thank you for the post :). I think it's spot on...Thank you for the post :). I think it's spot on the basics of insurance. However my problem with insurance is that you usually pay more for the risk it covers. Correct me if I'm wrong: Continuing your example above with a premium of 100$ each for 1000 houses worth 100,000$ each and of which... 14 1 year 6 days
What about buying her a $3k ring and donating $...What about buying her a $3k ring and donating $30k to charity, in her name? How do you think she would react? 291 2 years 2 weeks
Hi guys, Thanks for all your input. I finished...Hi guys, Thanks for all your input. I finished my interviews. I actually interviewed for two companies (same position but different industries) and actually got offers from both so your advice has proved its worth :). Most important was industry and company knowledge but also to have a... 6 2 years 1 month
D M: I imagine you'll get a case study. It's...[quote=D M]I imagine you'll get a case study. It's hard to say without knowing the company and with it being a new group. I'd practice for MBB-type consulting jobs. Usually those positions closely mirror corpstrat jobs.[/quote] Interesting. My interviewer is indeed a former McKinsey partner... 6 2 years 2 months
ch1guy: Can't you contact all three? Most...[quote=ch1guy]Can't you contact all three? Most likely, HR is going to make you apply online as well so you'll still have to go through a lot of the formal steps. For some reason if you can only email one, reach out to the manager. He'll most likely be the most familiar with the people you'll... 3 2 years 3 months
IMO it always depends to whom you are comparing...IMO it always depends to whom you are comparing with. If you are comparing with Bill Gates: 250k is nothing. If you are comparing with the bottom 10% of the US, or even the mean: 250k is a lot of money. We can also think at what you can buy with 250k/year. Since I am not from the US, I will... 95 2 years 3 months
Thanks for the effort to answer the questions...Thanks for the effort to answer the questions here PanAfricanBanker. I also have some of my own: background: Interested in doing my exchange at University of Cape Town or Stellenbosch University and afterwards I am considering working in South Africa in banking/consulting/corporate strategy.... 102 2 years 3 months
I live very well in a 460 sq ft studio with my...I live very well in a 460 sq ft studio with my girlfriend. Never felt the need to pay extra for more space. I even have a friend, who is single, living in a 280 sq ft studio. Since his life revolves mostly around work, he is pretty content with the lower rent and the fact that he doesn't have to... 46 3 years 1 month
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