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What industries are still open to low GPA ?Hi everyone, I'm taking a gap year because in the first two years of college I had hemiplegic migraine headaches that occurred spontaneously but was somewhat controlled by my usage of migraine medicine. Unfortunately for me my grades suffered terribly due to the side-effects of the medicine... 1 year 7 months
GPA factorWhat is the best path to take given a low GPA for a Freshman? 92 1 year 7 months
Most useful(for your job) class you took in...Hey guys, I was wondering what the most useful classes (by the content itself and not the professor) you took in college was in terms of how frequently you use that knowledge now(I'm assuming most people here have finance/econ related jobs )? I want to make a tentative 4 yr schedule just to see... 11 3 years 10 months
renewable energy/clean energy related jobs?Hey guys, I'm really interested in the renewable energy/ sustainable technology but am not really sure what path to take to get there without being an engineering major? Any suggestions for career paths or starting with some sector of finance? thanks! 3 3 years 10 months
LATE START ON MATH---NO HOPES FOR EARLY...Hi, I was wondering if starting at a lower level math/econ might kill my chances of landing an internship during my sophomore year? I did get a 5 on Ap calc AB but because my entire class got 2s or less I feel the need to repeat Calc I. However, I know many of my peers will be taking Calc II... 9 3 years 10 months
Freshmen Scheduling RecHi, I'm a rising freshman at Penn(aka Upenn) and I was wondering if I could get some suggestion regarding classes to schedule that would make me a viable candidate for an investment banking internship possibly sophomore summer? I can only take a max of 6 0f these bc i have other req to fulfill... 5 3 years 11 months
change name for college?Hi, I was wondering if you guys can give me advice on whether I should change my name or not? Background: I have a very ethnic(and i guess unique(im the only person found throuh googling my name)) name that has a spelling making it hard to deduce the pronounciation so it's butchered 99% of the... 12 3 years 11 months
General HELP for a rising freshmanHi, I'm a rising freshman who will be attending a target school in the fall. Long story made short---medical school is no longer an option because of this college's costs and so I'd really like to look into finance(esp. investment banking) as a career option. I'm really at lost as to what the... 8 3 years 11 months


Preview Replies Freshness
Thanks everyone for your input! To clarify, my...Thanks everyone for your input! To clarify, my current GPA is the result of a combination of extreme laziness/aftereffects of high school senioritis ( not reading any of the textbook material for all 4 classes, not doing all the assignments, studying for quizzes and midterms etc) and... 92 3 years 4 months
@Nabooru Inferiority complex much? (everybody in...@Nabooru Inferiority complex much? (everybody in my area actually regards the state school as being infinitely- superior)o_O 11 3 years 10 months
I already have 2 grade-boosting classes so I...I already have 2 grade-boosting classes so I think I can handle the upper level calc(if my other classes were harder I def would take u guys advice for the easier calc) thanks 9 3 years 10 months
@ ragnar donneskjold Do you if recruitment by...@ ragnar donneskjold Do you if recruitment by those companies is aimed mainly at colleges on the west coast(my college is on the east coast)? 3 3 years 10 months
Thanks everyone for your replies! I think I'll...Thanks everyone for your replies! I think I'll take the next level calc and just brush up on calc I material before school. 9 3 years 10 months
Thanks everyone for your thoughtful suggestions!...Thanks everyone for your thoughtful suggestions! I think I'll be adopting a second English name that sounds similar in addition to my original name to make the transition easier. kudos @swagon---yup i'll be the same person regardless of name changes 12 3 years 11 months
@illiniPride Thank you so much for replying so...@illiniPride Thank you so much for replying so quickly again! Getting a minor sounds like an awesome alternative to double-majoring or switching majors! And yes, my major will definitely hurt my G.P.A thus my wariness about whether I even have the chance to change majors/dual-major between... 8 3 years 11 months
@human, gstackle32, Thank you so much for the...@human, gstackle32, Thank you so much for the feedback and links! WSO FAQ pages are the HOLY GRAIL!!! and I'll probably be spending these couple of days reading them. @illiniPride Thank you for your advice about reading WSJ/Financial News + maintaining GPA---I'd definitely be... 8 3 years 11 months
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