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Mid-level lateral IB signing bonus?If you were at the mid-level and lateraled to another shop, what type of signing bonus could you expect? 1 week 6 days
Allen Edmonds' Rediscover America Sale - 15-...Park Aves and Strands are $279 6 7 months 1 week
Black or Brown Shoes w/Navy SuitsIf you have a solid navy suit, is there a rule of thumb for when to wear brown vs. black shoes dress shoes? Does it depend on shirt or tie color? Before someone says it, there are plenty of threads. However, none that definitively provide an answer to my question. Just tryin' to look great... 129 2 months 4 days
Rolling Suitcase for GarmentsAnyone have any suggestions for rolling garment carry-on suitcases? Been on a few longer (week) trips lately and can barely get my current shoulder garment bag closed (multiple suits, shoes, etc. don't fit well in the simple folding bags). Was looking at a couple by Tumi and others, but wasn't... 10 1 year 1 week
*delfixed 1 1 year 4 months
Adjustments as a % of Pro Forma EBITDACurious if any experienced guys in IB have seen a deal where a significant portion of Pro Forma EBITDA (call it 40-50%) is adjustments or add-backs? We recently signed up a new deal where that is the case and we have properly diligenced each item and only taken what we feel comfortable with,... 4 1 year 5 months
AE Park Avenues on sale now @ NordstromBeing as it is a classic shoe and the site's favorite, I figured I would give you a heads up. After ordering two pairs for myself, of course. Dark brown and Black only. Happy shopping. 1 1 year 9 months
Chicago guys... Portillo's rumored to be...This is going to be Piper's best M... 20 1 year 10 months
JPM seeking $5 billion for One Equity PartnersAny thoughts on who potential buyers could/would be? 1 2 years 3 months
Are there any sites similar to Financial Times...Looking for a semi-exclusive site where I can peruse research reports (sell side, macro, whatever). Not looking to pay as we have access to some free ones through CapIQ, but more specific asset focused. I enjoy reading and keeping up with global macro trends and until recently, Alphaville was a... 2 years 3 months


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Many of (if not all) of the BBs and EBs will have...Many of (if not all) of the BBs and EBs will have lodging and leisure or gaming and leisure groups. Some of the larger MMs do as well: HL, Imperial while others lump it into Consumer coverage. 3 1 day 17 hours
What amount of those hours are in office?What amount of those hours are in office? 5 1 day 22 hours
XSX82: Good starting point would be pepperdine'...[quote="XSX82"]Good starting point would be pepperdine's capital markets survey.[/quote] Agreed, this a good place to start 4 1 day 22 hours
Being more specific about size, industry and...Being more specific about size, industry and sponsor vs. non-sponsor would be helpful. Rates seemed to hit a floor around 10-11% cash and 1-2% PIK (2014, early 2015) and increased slightly to 11-13% cash, 2-4% PIK. Saw a recent deal done at 13% cash, no PIK, 3-5% warrants though. 4 1 day 22 hours
trader_timmy: Not sure if this is a troll...[quote="trader_timmy"]Not sure if this is a troll [/quote] Timmy, This is your long lost cousin, Mobikwohoshonmo. I'm stuck in Sudan with frozen bank accounts. If you wire me $50,000, I will give you half of my fortune. Thanks, Mobikwohoshonmo 12 4 days 2 hours
You bumped a nine year old thread for this?You bumped a nine year old thread for this? 9 1 week 3 days
SB'd. You may have just changed my life. The Pad...SB'd. You may have just changed my life. The Pad Kee Mao looks spot on! I've seriously been to dozens of Thai places and none of them had those noodles, which are a commodity in every other major city I have lived in. 7 1 week 3 days
What is your anticipated career path? I'll try to...What is your anticipated career path? I'll try to break it down for you. Pros: - Great city between April - Nov, not much different than Chicago (a bit colder, less snow though) - If you work downtown, you have the Skyway so you don't need to deal with the winter or elements - Very... 7 1 week 4 days
CHItizen: There are a fair number of decently...[quote="CHItizen"]There are a fair number of decently sized buyside firms based in Minneapolis FWIW. No idea how any of them do their recruiting.[/quote] Many go through recruiters, some local, some national. Laterals from fund to fund tend to be more based upon networking. 7 1 week 4 days
The entire A&D group is gone.The entire A&D group is gone. 19 1 week 6 days
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