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For all you facebook haters: Zuckerberg Makes It...This is no surprise to anyone even remotely following the company, but Facebookfounder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg just made things official on the company’s blog: the social network is now 500 million members strong. According to Zuckerberg, the milestone was hit this morning, which I suspect may... 33 5 years 9 months
1 Semester of Grades - Can I apply for SA...I will be transferring to another school this fall and I would like to apply for SA positions next year. However, I will only have one semester worth of grades to show for and whatever GPA i obtain from then is what i will list on my resume. Do you think I will have any problems going through... 4 5 years 9 months
Queens Honors Economics - Banking or Consulting?Is it possible to get into banking or consulting from economics at Queens. I know Queens business school is highly recruited but are economics students as recruited. Can somebody from Queens or who has finished up queens comment? Thanks! 5 5 years 10 months
BB PWM internship, how can I spin it?I am about to begin work at a BB in PWM. However I just found out that the majority of my time will be spent cold calling prospective clients. Is this worth taking as Iam trying to land an IB position next year? How can I spin this experience to sound good on my resume? Is the brand name of the BB... 6 6 years 2 weeks
What age did you move out of the crib? Is 26/27...Just wondering when everybody moved out of their parents house or when they expect to? Just trying to gauge if I will be called a mamas boy for still living at I mean do you think it would look bad if I was in banking and plan on living with the parentals until 26/27. Strategically i... 20 6 years 3 months
Alex or - Create MBAApply...Hi Alex or, can we get an MBAApply thread started. I know we got Stacy Blackman already on here but she rarely comments. Alex from MBAApply is on here regularly giving good advice and it would seem logical to have thread started for him to answer all b-school related questions... 2 6 years 12 months
What are some of your favourite/must read books?I am currently in the process of reading/finishing these books: -Talent is Overrated -Art of War -The 48 Laws of Power What are some other books that you guys recommend be on everybody's book list? 59 7 years 3 weeks
Entrepreneurial experience vs. Work experience on...When is right to put entrepreneurial experience on your resume? I was just sifting through the posts in the "dumbest thing seen on a resume" and I constantly see posters making fun of applicants putting founder and CEO. Whats wrong with doing so? I have just started a peer to peer internet... 2 7 years 1 month
UBS LA/Evercore still recruiting at Ivey?Does anybody if UBS/CS LA and Evercore are still recruiting at Richard Ivey? If so, how many do they plan on taking? 4 7 years 3 months
Need help with revenue assumptions and forecast!Hi, Need help creating a revenue forecast for a web start up that is similar to the business model of ebay. This site does not have any listing fees. This has to be projected 3 years out. So after the first year, how would I get the 2 and 3 revenue? Should I just use an average growth rate... 4 7 years 5 months


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brooksbrotha: This pisses me off so much. JP...[quote=brooksbrotha]This pisses me off so much. JP Morgan, I shit you not (and I'm sure everyone here may already know) has so many god damn diversity internships, it's ridiculous. They have positions for blacks, womens, and gays. They also don't require you to even be a business major to be in the... 61 5 years 8 months
Meph thanks. My transfer grades were decent but...Meph thanks. My transfer grades were decent but not banking level and so I would like to leave it off. The consensus from the other post I have read with similar issues is to only display your current school. However, I wanted to know if that still applies to my situation? 4 5 years 9 months
Man you have not given us any info to work with....Man you have not given us any info to work with. 1. What is your current school? 2. Expected GMAT? 3. W/E? 4. E/C's? 5. Recommendations? Outline these first and maybe someone can give you a decent response 26 6 years 1 week
Thanks Alex! Your answers are never short of...Thanks Alex! Your answers are never short of being thorough. 1,269 6 years 3 weeks
Hi Alex, So you talk about having blue chip...Hi Alex, So you talk about having blue chip companies on your resume as vital for admission into a top school. Therefore, are top schools (H/S/W) familiar with the major Canadian Banks? For example, would working at RBC Dominion Securities Wealth Management be considered blue chip experience... 1,269 6 years 3 weeks
Hi Alex, I was wondering how schools such as H/S/...Hi Alex, I was wondering how schools such as H/S/W would look at repeated courses. For example, say you got a B- in first year in some course and retook it to get an A as it was pulling your average down. Do they really pay attention to that stuff or do they just care about your final CGPA.? I... 1,269 6 years 2 months
Gordon.Gekko: I got the feeling from talking to...[quote=Gordon.Gekko]I got the feeling from talking to Yale SOM alumni that it is looked at the same way Harvard grads view the Harvard Extension School.[/quote] That's retarded. Why would alumni tell you that. You need one of the highest GMAT's + GPA to get into Yale SOM, plus its top 10... 31 6 years 3 months
I would have to disagree that it would give him...I would have to disagree that it would give him comparable exit opps into PE. It all really depends on which fortune 100 firm it is (i.e. Disney, GE, AMEX). Which firm is it? However, I do agree that it will land him into a top 10 MBA if he is able to tell a great story. 4 6 years 3 months
Thanks everyone. It seems like the general...Thanks everyone. It seems like the general consensus is that it is okay to stay with your parents as long as you are not a burden. However one topic that came up was a potential problem with the ladies. Which actually did not cross my mind until How are you guys still living at home... 20 6 years 3 months
Maybe "Ran over by Bulls"Maybe "Ran over by Bulls" 11 7 years 3 days
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