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Unique Background Check QuestionHi all - Like the subject says, I have a rather unique situation with regards to my background check and was hoping someone could PM me and help me figure out if I have anything to worry about. Appreciate it! 2 years 8 months


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Deloitte Business Valuation to Strategy &...i don't work there or in big 4 but pretty sure deloitte consulting (s&o) is run completely separately from deloitte (which would include advisory which houses business valuation). i would think fairly difficult based on that 1 year 9 months
dssahow about you list your actual GPA at the time and label it your actual GPA - good luck! 1 year 11 months
The Sad Truthdon't be a dick, the world doesn't revolve around your career and frankly people don't give a shit about "how hard you worked to get where you are today". if this is how you are acting/feeling in undergrad, you're gonna be fucking miserable down the road and most people will probably despise you.... 1 year 11 months
Houston M&A/consulting, A&M may '14...posting a resume or giving more detail could help. very vague post 1 year 11 months
Protips: Not Being Awkwardsucks that you get extremely irritated over seeing awkward people at a networking event and have to write a book about it to get some relief 1 year 11 months
dssai didn't read anything but the title, but picture yourself looking through resumes, trying to find someone to interview, and you come across one that says "Predicted GPA: XX". if it were me, I would chuckle, show someone else to share the laugh, and toss 1 year 11 months
Particular trait you like in your/a womanlarge calloused hands 1 year 11 months
Investment Banks and Their Colors[quote=peinvestor2012] Dog: Piper Jaffray - Green, "Piper" is close to "Pipe," and pipes are used for smoking weed. You figure out the rest. Well, you definitely must have been high as shit to write such a post.[/quote] I thought "You figure out the rest" was pretty funny. op so kindly... 1 year 11 months
How Not To Ask For Helpthis comment is straight up baffling 1 year 12 months
What is your opinion on getting a tattoo?if some of your family members have tattoos you definitely need to get one or they might not think as highly of you... 1 year 12 months