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Monkeys, I apologize...I know this has probably been discussed already. I also know everyone must be getting sick of hearing about the CFA ad nauseam. HOWEVER... for those willing to lend me 2 mins of their time... I have just signed up for CFA Level 1 and will be writing the exam in December 2013 Currently... 3 2 years 10 months
Suit Outlets in NYCHey guys, Landed a BB Summer Analyst gig starting in early May, and I need some new suits!!! Not looking to pay anything too crazy, but I will probably be keeping those suits for a few years at least, so I am not looking to buy anything really cheap. Anyone know of outlets/cheap shops that... 6 3 years 2 weeks
Corporate Finance Question: Equity/Call Option...Hey Monkeys, Got the bad luck of having a Corporate Finance prof that has not taught the course before, and has never worked in Finance... Looking for some help on this question: We are currently doing options, and I am having no problems with the basic concept of options, payouts, etc.... 5 3 years 2 months
Modelling as an InternHey Monkeys, I have just accepted an IB Summer analyst position at a BB for the summer. I am really excited for the opportunity and want to make sure I prepare myself in order to take full advantage of it. I am from a completely non-target school; finance is pretty small here, and I am not... 10 3 years 2 months
Optimal time to submit applications?Hi Monkeys, This might sound stupid, but I have been wondering about it for a while: do you think there would be an "optimal" time to send in my applications for BB SA internships? Most of my deadlines are around mid-January For those of you who are on the recruiting side of things, is an... 3 years 4 months
How to start investing?Hi Monkeys, I am currently a Junior, majoring in Finance. I have always been interested in investing and follow the markets quite a bit. I was wondering, how does one go about starting to invest for himself? I have about $4,000 that I would be able to invest, but do not really know how to... 15 3 years 6 months
Investment Boutiques/MM in CanadaHi guys, I know that many prospective Investment Bankers in Canada only think about the Big 6 bulge bracket banks. I was wondering if any of you knew some MM or boutiques in Canada? Just out of curiosity.. Cheers 3 3 years 6 months
How to differentiate yourselfHi Monkeys, I am a Commerce/Economics student in Canada and am looking to break into IB after gradating from undergrad. I still have two years left of school. I have a good GPA, am involved in extracurricular/leadership activities and am starting to network as much as I can. I am wanting... 2 3 years 11 months


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5) Not trying to pump this dude's tires, but does...5) Not trying to pump this dude's tires, but does anyone see a resemblance (in attitude, at least) with a young Steve Jobs? The standoffish character and the way one employee said Duplan sees his people as "replaceable" immediately reminded me of what I have read about Jobs. Although I am clearly... 25 2 years 1 week
When someone puts down "social media" and "...When someone puts down "social media" and "teamwork" as skills though... 78 2 years 1 month
Hey Ben, Thank you very much for doing this....Hey Ben, Thank you very much for doing this. Contributions like these are what makes WSO so valuable, for me anyway. I had a question about forming relationships with your bosses. I am going into IB full time in the Fall at the same bank where I did my summer analyst term. I had a good... 66 2 years 2 months
Nice post, I can definitely relate to most of...Nice post, I can definitely relate to most of this 46 2 years 3 months
I don't know much about the job or salary or exit...I don't know much about the job or salary or exit opportunities so take this for what it is worth, but I met 3 people that were summering there last summer (one for the second summer) and all told me that they were going through the interview process with investment banks and that returning to... 13 2 years 4 months
About using the bathroom during the exam... I...About using the bathroom during the exam... I thought about that as well, but with all the stories I have heard about proctors being extra strict, is there any risk in doing so? I would hate to get in trouble / cause extra stress for something like this. What do you think? 6 2 years 4 months
Sitting for L1 Saturday as well, best of luck to...Sitting for L1 Saturday as well, best of luck to everyone 15 2 years 4 months
Awesome. Wonder how different the numbers would...Awesome. Wonder how different the numbers would be were these tactics applied to the NFL or even college 81 2 years 5 months
134.46134.46 103 2 years 5 months
Great stuff. Especially the "dont talk negatively...Great stuff. Especially the "dont talk negatively about people: 19 2 years 5 months
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