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Importance of past vs current employerHi mates, Disclaimer: First off this is NOT a "can I get into X,Y,Z B-school" thread. All else constant, I'm looking for input regarding how a potential jump to another firm would impact (negatively or positively) my competitiveness. Situation: I currently have 2 years of experience with a... 1 month 2 weeks
ACN/PWC MC Career Progression & CompI expect that a few of you work in these respective shops, I would like some basic information if you could please. I'm aware that this is highly subjective but I'd like some insight so that I may compare to my current Strat. shop to remain competitive. I hear the "typical" progressions are... 2 years 9 months
Consulting relocation options: COL &...Hi mates, I put in a request for relocation from my current strategy shop location (DC), and I have the following options: NY, NY LA, CA Pilidelphia, PA CHI, IL Long story short, I'm almost positive that I'll get my office selction but i need to give them an Idea so that I may be placed... 2 years 10 months
Intern pay -> full-time offer figureI'm asking this question for a close friend. If you’re familiar with this topic your help will be appreciated. She is an undergrad Advisory intern at one of the Big 4 firms, and her summer compensation: Monthly base of $4,600: Translates to ~55k or $26.50 an hour. (Bigger City: NY,CH,DC... 3 years 4 weeks


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Trouble Sleeping When Traveling?The following helps me sleep better than a crook without conscience: 1. Limit use of Gadgets late-night: 30 minutes to an hour before sleeping, refrain from use of laptop, phone, even TV. The blue, LED lighting has a stimulant-like effect and if you're like me (sleeping before ~1AM is early)... 6 days 11 hours
Importance of past vs current employer[quote="TwoThrones"]They look at all of your companies on your resume. So you have the Deloitte/PwC/Accenture on your resume, that's good enough. Plenty of people work at Goldman or McKinsey then go to a no name startup. They've already proven themselves just as you did.[/quote] Thank you for... 1 month 2 weeks
PwC CompsOh? Did they start as Senior from an MBA/Masters program or were they lateral hires? 4 months 2 weeks
PwC Comps^ 99% sure you're required to have started with PwC as an associate, fresh from undergrad then make it to manager. 4 months 3 weeks
PwC Offer Letter? Salary? How Long is too Long?Well done. 6 months 4 weeks
College Senior trying to break into Consulting There are large ones(headcount wise) Big 4 (Consulting divisions), Accenture,etc. or look into smaller shops/boutiques. Vault has a good list of firms for you to look into (Don't take "rankings" to heart): Also find out... 7 months 4 days
Internship or School?Take it. 1 semester wont kill you. 1 year 11 months
Skipping the MBA after a 2 year analyst stint? Depends on the firm and division. MBB it will be very, very difficult to skip b-school as everyone else does it. Some divisions like ops or tech MAY not require and MBA at other firms but generally the typical path is clear. On a second note, you in a way answered your own question. You don't... 1 year 11 months
Federal Practice Consulting Salary[quote=The Sour Patch Kid] The Boss: Federal is less. I've worked on both sides of one of the firms mentioned and I can confirm this. Maybe, just maybe kids from Princeton, GTown, etc. get paid on parity with their classmates in commercial, but a gap soon appears. By Sr. Consultant, pay gap... 1 year 11 months
$2,300 for rent for analyst?Trending... its crazy. I'm with you on the room mate horror. Suck it up for a year or two and thank us later. Good luck mate. 2 years 1 month