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Question about industry growth ratesI was wondering if someone could point me in the right directions in terms of finding unbiased forecasts for industry growth rates/total size? I know buyside guys often have consultants source this information for them, but for the individual investor, does anyone know any good free databases/... 1 year 1 month
Lulz Harvard Law Expulsion --> SAC --... hahah 1 year 4 months
Airplane seats are built too smallI loled so hard reading this. Mouthbreather. 1 year 4 months
Beneish M-ScoreCurious if any HF guys use this in the real world as a screener/preliminary analysis type of thing to watch out for earnings manipulation? 1 year 6 months
inbox count on mobile version of wsomy inbox count in the mobile version of wso always seems to be off. is it only me? 1 year 6 months
Final Resume Review Junior Targetnvm. 2 years 5 months
Nexus 4 and Pre-paid Carriers vs Traditional...So the Nexus 4 is being released in less than 2 weeks, and I was wondering what you guys thought. I know there's been some negative sentiments about its relatively low benchmarks, but I think that'll be cleared up with some OTA updates. Otherwise, it's been universally regarded as a phenomenal... 2 years 6 months
Looking Back at High School: Undergrad AdmissionsWas wondering what other people thought on this: I went to a top magnet high school where Ivy and Ivy+ adcom came to give information sessions to interested students every year. Out of a graduating class of 250 or so, the top 20% of us all went to top 20 colleges, with multiple Ivy, Duke,... 2 years 10 months
Dallas HedgefundsI was wondering if anyone knew about the "traditional" route to Dallas hedge funds? I'm interested in L/S equity funds. I'm at a northeast target, but, to be honest, I'd rather avoid NYC. Could I do something like Suntrust IBD in Atlanta then transition to a Dallas hedge fund? 2 years 10 months
Networking BlunderHey, I had a question. I've started reaching out to alumni, and I've gotten pretty solid at it. At first, I was really awkward because I didn't really know how to have it flow 'naturally,' like a conversation among friends cause I was so nervous. However, there's a group I'm really... 2 years 11 months


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Moore Capital Long/Short Equity Fundcan't help a lot, but i have met someone in one of their l/s groups. he told me they (at least his group) have no macro element what so ever, entirely bottoms up. didn't ask about anything else. 1 week 3 days
Glenview Lettersi believe these are the only ones that got publicly leaked. he has a bunch of solid conference videos and stuff, though. can dig up links if you're interested. 3 weeks 2 days
Asking MD to hook up exit oppsalso would love some insight on this, particularly in the context of HF recruiting considering positions are usually immediate start. 1 month 1 week
Financial Modelsi mean we aren't ok with this either, but it's just banks being crazy paranoid. if there's no proprietary info, it's really nothing special. 1 month 2 weeks
Which banks tend to hire the most FT analysts...+1. unless a bank is majorly expanding and hiring on top of retaining the vast majority of their summers, FT is a shitshow, at least on a numbers basis. 1 month 2 weeks
How do M&A advisory firms generate revenue?activism defenses i've seen have a separate engagement letter. fees are negotiated on a case-by-case basis. 2 months 5 days
Best groups at Evercorehistorically, tech and telecom have the best exits but also are the biggest sweatshops. beyond that, exit opps aren't really correlated with groups, especially because most people just write "M&A group" on their resumes. 2 months 1 week
NON-TARGET FROM FAR AWAY ASKS: Would you be...+1. Many of my interviewers have appreciated that i hustled for every opportunity i got. OP i'm just a little banking monkey, but if you're interested in starting in banking, I'm willing to meet with you. Pm me. 2 months 3 weeks
2015 IBD Summer Analyst Compone of my friends confirmed that it's 95,100, and 105 for 1st to 3rd years. 3 months 3 days
LionTreethese guys kill it in terms of dealflow, but not sure how an analyst experience is. i don't think they've ever hire more than a couple guys a year (in their short history). 3 months 2 weeks