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Samsung Global Strategy Group VS Apple OperationsGot offers from both, at an M7 Bschool. I know which I'll take but just interested to hear what you would choose and why. Samsung GSG - Internal strategy consulting role in Seoul within the mobile consumer electronics industry. Great comp package that covers living expenses (with only a 18.5%... 1 year 7 months
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Business School: What's it really like?Bschool is amazing, I'm at an M7 program. Obviously opinions will differ depending on who you talk to but this has been the best decision of my life. I've made several lifelong friends from around the world with incredible backgrounds. The network of current and future bad asses I've built... 1 year 7 months
pwc post-MBA starting salaries$135K + $35 is correct. $10K explodes if you don't sign by October 1st. Their end of year bonuses are generally lower than the rest of industry. 1 year 9 months
60 (Practice) Cases Deep: Mastering the... I am entering my second year at a top bschool and interned in strategy consulting over the summer. I didn't get into MBB but hoping to this fall. My free advice, which may be worth less than its price, is most of your concerns are to the level that each interviewer is going to have their own... 1 year 10 months
Consulting in San DiegoZS Associates has an office in SD 2 years 5 months
Boeing-NASA System Integration or Accenture...I am currently a first year at a Top 5 MBA program, non H/S. I was a Boeing engineer for the last 4 years out of undergrad in a similar role to the one OP is referencing so I may have some insight on the subject. I am currently recruiting for consulting and my engineering background has been an... 2 years 7 months
The Definitive Finance Interview Outfit GuideWhat's the rule of thumb on cuff links? I have a few tailored shirts with cuff link holes rather than buttons at the wrist. Are they too flashy for an interview? 3 years 9 hours
Engineer + MBA = Consulting??I can't address your specific questions but I am currently an engineer at Boeing looking to go into MBB. I'll be attending Booth this fall after 4 years at Boeing working mostly system integration and engineering. Good luck to you in getting into consulting! Though to be realistic I'd have to... 3 years 1 month