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Wanna Jump Straight to the Buy Side?Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 10/17/12. To see all of our top content from the past, click here. Most of my friends are going into banking. Not because pitch books and road shows are their thing, of course, but it opens a lot of doors. 100 hour work... 94 4 months 1 week
What It Really Means to Be "Alpha"Mod note (Andy): throwback Thursday, this originally went up September 2012 I'm fairly new here, and deciding what to write about in a blog entry might seem easy enough, but I'd rather people enjoy what I read than just read it and forget it. So I spent some time this week going through the... 308 1 year 2 months
Guilt by Association Breeds ValueThere’s certain industries, ideas, and geographical pairings that can make a business undesirable to the majority of the market. Of course the idea of investing in a Cypriot bank, a low-end big box retailer, or a for-profit education business is going to come with quite a bit of skepticism and... 31 2 years 11 months
A Perfect StormFor better or for worse, there’s a very unique feeling when everything goes completely according to plan yet nobody seems to care or notice. Such is the case with our favorite company of the moment, Tesla Motors. For those unaware, TSLA has rocketed upwards since its Q1 earnings release, mostly... 72 2 years 11 months
10 Facts/Headscratchers from the Ongoing TSLA SagaSo plenty has happened since my last post on Tesla, and to the untrained eye it seems like only good news coming from the Tesla hype-mobile. Well, despite my own thoughts on these things, this post is going to contain no more color than I’ve already given in the past two sentences (and the... 15 3 years 2 weeks
TSLA: Taxpayers Stuck with Lifeless AssetsMod Note: this was originally posted on 3/7/12 Everybody loves a gimmick, whether it’s the novelty of the high-flying social media companies run by twenty-somethings with nothing to lose but their oversize sweatshirts or the possibility of harnessing cold water fusion to create unlimited... 29 3 years 1 month
Generous Number Crunching on TSLA Q1 ProfitabilityRacking my brain to somehow arrive at profitability for Tesla in the first quarter of 2013 has me coming up empty. Some numbers for you, accompanied by my explanations of where they came from. [Update: Something interesting a bit of field research has come up with is that a decent amount of... 11 3 years 1 month
Your Safe Questions Won't Get You the OfferThis was originally posted on 10/3/12 For those of you who know my background at all, I'm in the process of full-time recruiting mainly for buy-side positions, and the process is just now picking up into full swing. I've had my fair share of pre-interview dinners, superdays, and all the other... 18 3 years 1 month
TSLA: Taxpayers Stuck with Lifeless AssetsFrom my blog,, with thanks to BlackHat for the collaboration and review ---------------- Everybody loves a gimmick, whether it’s the novelty of the high-flying social media companies run by twenty-somethings with nothing to lose but their oversize... 10 3 years 1 month
WH's Interview Stock Pitch ChecklistThis was originally posted on 10/26/12 For many positions, the stock pitch is the biggest part of the interview. It gives the interviewee the opportunity to explain his or her thought process and the way they evaluate an investment opportunity. It can separate the fakers from the legitimate... 17 3 years 1 month


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SirTradesaLot: StryfeDSP: I'm not 100% sure as...[quote=SirTradesaLot][quote=StryfeDSP]I'm not 100% sure as far as progression goes, but here's the rough idea of the salaries the PMs at the IMD firm I intern at make. $4B AUM, only 18 people in the firm. CIO... 31 1 year 9 months
Barboone: About the steaks, nothing wrong with...[quote=Barboone] About the steaks, nothing wrong with that. I do that too but without the bottle of wine (makes you look like a lonely loser) On the women thing it comes with the Job i get out of work at 4 pm sometimes just to go meet a side chick and screw her. It's the stress.[/quote] 164 1 year 10 months
Edmundo Braverman: I've invested in alternate...[quote=Edmundo Braverman]I've invested in alternate currencies before and had them go to zero, so I'm not about to stop now[/quote] This is the mentality for stuff like this, it's like VC. Buying for fear of missing out doesn't make a lot of sense to me because literally everything in theory... 74 2 years 2 months
KarateBoy: Here's a snapshot of my history: Big...[quote=KarateBoy] Here's a snapshot of my history: Big 10 undergrad Graduated with degrees in finance and accounting With honors/distinction and 3.7 GPA Started career in sell-side research at well-regarded Midwestern investment bank While at the bank, I learned all the prerequisite... 86 2 years 2 months
Party time?Party time? 37 2 years 9 months
Goober: Anyone joining Goldman Sachs these days...[quote=Goober]Anyone joining Goldman Sachs these days can expect to be nothing more than a glorified telesales machine in a suit. You will be given a list of leads every day to make cold calls for 90 days. If you hit your quota, they MAY consider you for the dog and pony show circuit. I worked... 12 2 years 9 months
BlackHat: best company of all time. just sayin...[quote=BlackHat]best company of all time. just sayin.[/quote] nice target... 52 2 years 12 months
How come only bankers get to do all the drugs?How come only bankers get to do all the drugs? 27 3 years 6 days
evilbyaccident: Tesla has followed a typical...[quote=evilbyaccident] Tesla has followed a typical learning curve - Tesla began in 2003 by taking stock Lotus Elise’s and converting them into fully electric vehicles. Essentially a proof of concept, the car’s purpose was to show the world that an electric vehicle could be sexy and fast. Fast... 66 3 years 1 week
The number of people planning their career goals...The number of people planning their career goals at age 15 is much, much higher than you'd think. 19 3 years 2 weeks
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