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M7 Business Schools?What is the history of the M7 MBA schools? How where they determined and what does it mean to be in the group? I know it refers to Harvard, Wharton, Stanford, Chicago, Kellogg, Sloan, and Columbia, but that's about it. 7 years 8 months


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HBS to Los Angeles BBI was in a similar situation. I went to a different top-3 business school and wanted to do IB in a particular regional office. What worked for me was to reach out to alumni at each bank and set up informational interviews. Everyone was extremely receptive--perhaps because it wasn't common to... 7 years 7 months
Canadian Grades to GPA?I'm a Queen's Commerce grad and currently at a top-3 US MBA school. I wouldn't worry about this very much. I recommend using the scale below, unless the school has provided specific instructions to use a different scale (as described above for Columbia). It is basically the "standard" scale for... 7 years 8 months