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Getting into Equity SalesThis is on behalf of a younger friend who is interested in sales. I've connected him with a few guys that cover me, but I do not interact much with our sales coverage, so figured that he could also benefit from the collective wisdom here at WSO. A few questions: I get the sense that... 8 1 year 5 months
Test345Test 3 1 year 11 months
Any EM guys here?Is there anyone here who works at an EM hedge fund or sell-side desk? Have a few questions on sentiment and the overall environment. I would love to reciprocate in any way possible. Reply or shoot me a PM, thanks. 3 years 3 months
Morale on the sell-sideHow is morale on the sell-side? I am mainly talking about sales/trading, but IBD and ER perspectives would also be interesting. I see more and more dire news hitting my Bloomberg every day. I interact with sales guys somewhat but don't go out with them much so don't really hear about these... 21 3 years 4 months


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Test345 (Originally Posted: 05/19/2014...Test345 (Originally Posted: 05/19/2014) Test 68 1 year 3 months
My thought on equity sales is that it obviously...My thought on equity sales is that it obviously lacks the big upside that other areas of finance have, but it also cannot be automated much further, and margin compression has already occurred. Thus relative to fixed income where there is still a lot of automation and margin compression to come,... 8 1 year 5 months
I find myself downplaying things as much as...I find myself downplaying things as much as possible. I am straightforward with other people in the industry, but I will usually tell white-collar types something along the lines of "I work in investments", and everyone else that "I'm an analyst" or "I do research". 78 1 year 5 months
The more viewpoints, the better, for sure. The...The more viewpoints, the better, for sure. The single vs. multi-manager shop debate is an interesting one and I appreciate your perspective. 22 1 year 5 months
xqtrack: troubadour: So let me see...less...[quote=xqtrack] troubadour: So let me see...less labor intensive process, less stress, longer investment horizon, can weather bigger drawdowns and even add to high conviction positions, more big picture there any reason not to prefer working at a single manager deep value fund... 22 1 year 5 months
Interesting question. I wasn't around then so I...Interesting question. I wasn't around then so I can't comment on the 70s in particular, but I do have some perspective from talking with analysts that cover sub-sectors that are in secular decline. There is a lot of gallows humor and conversations are framed in terms of "xyz company is the least... 1 1 year 5 months
troubadour: Right, makes sense that they'd need...[quote=troubadour]Right, makes sense that they'd need to ask detailed questions on their model drivers in order to get each quarter right (which is probably crucial at these short term focused funds). At the same time, you'd think the single manager funds would also be digging deep into the model... 22 1 year 5 months
Hard to say. I am more favorable on most on ER...Hard to say. I am more favorable on most on ER careers - the stability and lower stress has a lot of value. Comes down to what you want to do longer-term, do you think you would be a great investor? Do you truly believe that this founder is a smart guy? Do you think you could become the primary... 9 1 year 5 months
This is for L/S equity. There is usually a...This is for L/S equity. There is usually a conference season the month after earnings every quarter. Many of them are in NYC, but the rest are scattered around the country, depending on your coverage (i.e. energy in Texas, tech in SF, autos in Detroit etc). There are some cool destination... 9 1 year 5 months
Glenview does everything but healthcare is huge...Glenview does everything but healthcare is huge there. Visium is also big. There is one fund in particular that is famous for being really good at biotech, their name escapes me at the moment. Look at the top 10 holders list for some biotech stocks that have done well over the past 24 months,... 11 1 year 5 months
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