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MBA after analyst program in bankingI'm graduating in May and will be starting as an analyst this summer. While I am not sure what the future holds (who is?) after my two or three-years, I thought it would be a good idea to take the GMAT this spring while I still have time and am in school-mode. I was wondering - Do a large... 7 years 6 months
Lev Fin questionI recently accepted a FT analyst position and am currently in a IBD generalist pool. We have group selections coming up during the next couple of months and I wanted to get your impression on joining a Lev Fin group. I've spoken to people both inside and outside the bank and it seems like a great... 7 years 6 months
I'm going to be an analyst next year and addition to having fun and enjoying the rest of college, since next year is obviously going to be a grind, do any current analysts have advice on how to best prepare for next summer. Is there anything that you did to prepare or wish you did that you thought would be helpful for someone in my... 7 years 7 months


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Citi vs Lehman IBDHaving interned in London last year, I can say that the Citi name, without a doubt, is much stronger over there than the Lehman name is. Lehman might probably the weakest out of all the US bulge brackets in London. If you like the people both equally, I'd go with Citi. 7 years 4 months
Doing two superdays in one trip?waltersobcheck, I wouldn't worry too much about this at all. Banks know that you are applying to different shops on the Street, and if anything, having a lot of interviews lined up makes you look like a more competitive and desriable candidate. I was in a similar situation this fall. I scheduled... 7 years 5 months
im scared shitless for applying to SA positions...As you juniors who are going through the SA process now will inevitably discover, IBD recruiting is a complete and utter crap shoot. There are no guaranteed spots for any applicant. I know kids who had lower GPA's and inferior work experience than a lot of their competition at school who received... 7 years 5 months
JP Morgan StrengthsJPMorgan is tops in Syndicated Leverage Finance,  Best LevFIN group on the street. FIG and M&A also seem like excellent groups. TMT (esp. the media and telecom areas) is pretty solid. 7 years 5 months
Another clothing question...Great thread. I have already started buying a lot of clothing in anticipation for my start date in July. To date, I own 5-6 nice (about $100-125 a pop) dress shirts, which are for the most part pretty conservative. Mostly blues and whites, both solid and "tamely" striped...essentially the type of... 7 years 5 months
Citi Summer Analyst InterviewHonestly, when asked the inevitable why do you want to work at XYZ bank, I wouldn't just memorize and rattle off facts that you read on the company's website, Vault, Wetfeet, WSJ, NYTimes, etc. You are already expected to be familliar with these sources and knowing them won't put you ahead of the... 7 years 5 months
Goldman SA First RoundDefinitely do it in person. I cannot emphasize this more as a non-target who had to conduct many BB first round interviews over the phone. It's much harder to make that great impression over the phone which would inevitably land you a superday invitation. 7 years 6 months
Lunch EtiquetteIf a banker suggests meeting over food, they will offer to pay and will expense it to the firm. This is assuming that you're not meeting with a 1st year analyst as the OP says. 7 years 6 months
Thoughts on these Non Bulge Bracket Investment...I would choose Wachovia over HSBC if I received offers from the two. I've heard from many people that HSBC's culture is very conservative, traditional, and stuffy. Additionally, while it's indisputable that HSBC has much more of a global presence and international reach than Wachovia does,... 7 years 6 months
list course on resume if I did poorly on it?You should be fine, and it probably won't be all that emphasized during the actual interview process. I can't recall a time when a banker grilled me specfically about the grades I received in my different business and non-business classes. The only time I had to give a banker a specific grade was... 7 years 6 months