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12 Hours Till Deadline: The All Nighter, Part 1Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 8/23/12. You can read part 2 here. Since I’ve been writing for WSO, my most popular posts have been about banking experiences. The All Nighter is perhaps one of the most quintessential experiences of investment banking... 45 7 months 6 days
Convert Your Summer Internship Into a Full-Time...Mod Note (Andy): #TBT Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted on 7/6/12. As a former summer/fulltime investment banking analyst, I’ve seen a few waves of Ivy League migrant workers come through New York. A few tips for success for the upcoming crop of summer analysts who will be... 22 7 months 1 week
Don't Ask An Investment Banker What They DoMod Note (Andy): Throwback Thursday - this was originally posted 9/27/12 When you’re meeting new people, even in casual social situations, the topic of work is never far off. Maybe this is a general commentary on The Texting Generation’s lacking conversation skills, but I always find myself... 63 11 months 2 weeks
REVEALED! Wall Street CEO Facebook ConvoMod note (Andy): Throwback Thursday, this post originally went up on 10/9/12. WSO EXCLUSIVE: Titans of Wall Street caught in candid conversation on Facebook! Read on below and after the break: 53 1 year 2 weeks
Five Thoughts on Wall Street Bathroom BreaksMod Note (Andy): Throw Back Thursday, Originally posted on August, 2012 When you work 80-hour weeks regularly and the staples of your diet are $25 Seamlessweb pasta dishes and burger combos, inevitably, nature is going to call – on your office line. For the majority of analysts on Wall Street,... 126 1 year 5 months
Three Contrarian Takeaways from the GMATThrowback Thursdays: This was originally posted August, 2012 There’s no shortage of GMAT advice out there – most of it is centered around giving adequate time for preparation, carefully tracking and shoring up problem spots, and anticipating any and all curveballs that could be thrown on G-Day... 17 1 year 7 months
How to deal with THAT associateTBT: Originally posted on September, 2012 Props to bankerella for an insightful post delving into the mind of the newly-minted first-year investment banking associate. The only thing it was missing was a blanket apology for all of the seasoned analysts who, for the next few months, have to put... 28 1 year 7 months
Lifestyle of Young Wall Street: 5 Banker...Mod Note (Andy): #TBT, Originally posted on April, 2012 The New York City area is home to nearly 20 million people and 20 trillion cockroaches living together in blissful harmony. Well over 1 million people alone are packed into the 23 square miles that make up the island of Manhattan. New... 109 1 year 8 months
We Are The Street: USA for Wall StreetThere comes a time when we heed a certain call When The Street must come together as one There are layoffs happ’ning And it’s time to lend a hand to bankers The greatest gifts of all… Deep in the throes of wintertime, I tend to listen to my iPod on shuffle mode more often. Maybe it’s... 13 11 months 4 days
Timeline of an Investment Banking Analyst, Year 1August Training’s over, and you’ve just hit the new group. You’re getting to know your bullpen-mates and you’ve picked up a few bullshit staffings. You’re settled into your new apartment in Murray Hill (no roaches yet!) and you’re loving the nightlife in NYC. You head out to the bars with your... 44 3 years 4 months


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Read a book. Make time.Read a book. Make time. 18 9 months 2 weeks
Net effect, exceptional post.Net effect, exceptional post. 124 1 year 6 days
Yet another classic.Yet another classic. 71 2 years 5 months
All of the above. Sometimes you can enlist...All of the above. Sometimes you can enlist bankers to do comps for you. 4 2 years 10 months
Kenny Powers: Jim Beam on the rocks You are an...[quote=Kenny Powers]Jim Beam on the rocks[/quote] You are an absolute hooligan - and I admire that. 414 3 years 1 month
Going Concern: Can't I still be Martini Guy...[quote=Going Concern]Can't I still be Martini Guy through the holiday season? I'm not going to let a bunch of discarded evergreen conifers and fat bearded men without a full color palette change who I am. Extra olives please.[/quote] Ah, the sophisticate cousin of Vodka Soda guy. A breath of... 414 3 years 1 month
What Does Your Drink Say About You? Part II (...What Does Your Drink Say About You? Part II (Originally Posted: 11/21/2012) mod note (Andy) see part one here The breeze is brisk, the Starbucks cups are red, and the sidewalks of New York City are crowded body-to-body with packs of overweight tourists and kids on leashes.... 414 3 years 1 month
BlackHat: This question. Meh. 'gree.[quote=BlackHat]This question. Meh.[/quote] 'gree. 21 3 years 3 months
CHItizen: Matrick: CHItizen: How do you...[quote=CHItizen][quote=Matrick][quote=CHItizen]How do you deal with the issue of circularity (i.e. how do you calculate interest payments)? Do you just assume interest is based off of the previous period's ending debt balances as opposed to the average of the two periods?[/quote] Well you would... 28 3 years 5 months
Currently, there's a bubble in delusional...Currently, there's a bubble in delusional thinking... these boys are just riding the wave 27 3 years 6 months
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