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NAREIT - REIT WeekJust curious as to whether anyone has been in the past and if it is worth attending? Great list of companies and people however I am curious what its about as I have never been. 1 month 3 weeks
Best Property TypeNow I know this is a question that does not necessarily have a correct answer however I would be curious to hear what everyone thinks is the "best" property type. Assuming you can only develop an expertise in one property type and that will be your niche for the rest of your career what would you... 2 months 1 week
Touring Potential AcquisitionsI work in acquisitions at a REIT that focuses on both office and industrial however in my short career I have mainly focused on office and have more exp touring office and knowing what to look for/focus on. Can someone who has experience shed some light on industrial assets and what you focus on... 4 months 1 week
Delete Double Posta 9 months 1 week
Single Tenant Net Lease Invetment ReturnsFor those that work for REITS or companies that focus on purchasing single tenant net lease office/industrial...What are the typical returns that you solve for on a levered/unlevered IRR and Cash on Cash basis? I understand the basic draws to these type of investments considering that the asset... 9 months 1 week
Real Estate Market FundamentalsI work in Acquisitions and frequently evaluate different markets. The company I work for is an owner operator/developer and we frequently pitch deals to some of our various equity partners. Generally when breaking down a market we will look at it from a macro level and then break it down from a... 1 year 3 days
Eastdil Investment Sales vs Investment BankingI was hoping someone could provide me some info regarding the key differences here. I obviously understand that investment sales = Broker however Eastdil has a more structured approach. In my experience the Investment banking side also dabbles in Investment I guess what I am asking... 1 year 9 months
Research a Good Place to Start a Career in CREI have a possible Research Analyst position lined up in a major city for the likes of C... 2 years 2 months
Real Estate Law Questions/AdviceI am looking to get into the real estate industry in acquisitions and I have an opportunity to speak with a highly regarded RE Lawyer. I am trying to think of some good questions to ask other than just asking for advice. Anyone have some good questions or can point me in the right direction?... 2 years 6 months
CBRE Global Corporate ServicesI am wondering whether this is a good entry point into the Commercial Real Estate Industry. From my understanding you are put on a specific client and you work from the client site. You work on managaing the portfolio and possible transactions. Would like to be involved in Development/... 2 years 7 months


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Not a chance I would make this jump...however a...Not a chance I would make this jump...however a friend of mine recently quit his job and is planning on living in Southeast Asia for a bit and pretty much just exploring for a year or so. I give him credit due to the fact that he went alone and is basically just winging it. OP Considering you have... 5 days 5 hours
I have met many people who are NYU graduates who...I have met many people who are NYU graduates who are very successful and I am sure on a great career trajectory however it just seemed to me that there is a general consensus in the industry that anyone can get into the program so there wasn't a ton of value add in my opinion. I figured if I am... 1 week 4 days
Should just turn this into a networking event. Should just turn this into a networking event. 1 week 5 days
cre123: I typo'd there. Its an MSRE program and...[quote="cre123"]I typo'd there. Its an MSRE program and really nothing like Columbia's MSRED which is very development focused (more-so than MIT's). If you could finagle an MBA/MSRE dual program at Cornell (or better yet MIT) then you're golden. Cornell and MIT's real estate programs are... 1 week 5 days
cre123: I disagree that a Georgetown MBA or a...[quote="cre123"]I disagree that a Georgetown MBA or a Wisconsin MBA trumps a Cornell MSRED. The others---of course. They are top ranked MBA programs.[/quote] I honestly don't know much about the Cornell program however it does seem like a good program with a strong Alumni (I won't consider it... 1 week 5 days
cpdevelops: Was wondering this myself when...[quote="cpdevelops"]Was wondering this myself when looking at schools last year; came up with the following lists for both MBA (tailored to RE) and MREDs: RE MBA Tiers: 1. H/S/Wharton (more RE at Wharton) 2. Berkeley/Columbia/MIT/NYU 3. UCLA/UT/UNC 4. USC/WISCO MRED/MSRED: Top Tier: USC, MIT... 1 week 6 days
Generally speaking top 15 MBA > MSRED. My...Generally speaking top 15 MBA > MSRED. My personal opinion is there may be exceptions for the MIT program and potentially the Cornell program. CRE out of curiosity which program did you decide on? 2 weeks 12 min
socola2003: CRE modelling is really's...[quote="socola2003"]CRE modelling is really's not accrual modelling it's all cash modeling. All you model is cash received versus cash outflows, including capex, and then the balance is returned to the shareholders. The hardest part is the waterfalls as those get tricky..the capitalized... 3 weeks 1 day
Investor1: I am a current Schack student so I...[quote="Investor1"]I am a current Schack student so I can provide an overview of the program along with it's positives and negatives. The Good: 1) New York City location (you can intern at various RE investment shops WHILE you obtain your degree and, as someone mentioned, this can and often does... 3 weeks 1 day
Anyone have some good recommendations for some...Anyone have some good recommendations for some beach reading? No textbooks more biographies or just interesting CRE books. 3 weeks 5 days