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NAREIT - REIT WeekJust curious as to whether anyone has been in the past and if it is worth attending? Great list of companies and people however I am curious what its about as I have never been. 1 month 1 day
Best Property TypeNow I know this is a question that does not necessarily have a correct answer however I would be curious to hear what everyone thinks is the "best" property type. Assuming you can only develop an expertise in one property type and that will be your niche for the rest of your career what would you... 1 month 2 weeks
Touring Potential AcquisitionsI work in acquisitions at a REIT that focuses on both office and industrial however in my short career I have mainly focused on office and have more exp touring office and knowing what to look for/focus on. Can someone who has experience shed some light on industrial assets and what you focus on... 3 months 2 weeks
Delete Double Posta 8 months 2 weeks
Single Tenant Net Lease Invetment ReturnsFor those that work for REITS or companies that focus on purchasing single tenant net lease office/industrial...What are the typical returns that you solve for on a levered/unlevered IRR and Cash on Cash basis? I understand the basic draws to these type of investments considering that the asset... 8 months 2 weeks
Real Estate Market FundamentalsI work in Acquisitions and frequently evaluate different markets. The company I work for is an owner operator/developer and we frequently pitch deals to some of our various equity partners. Generally when breaking down a market we will look at it from a macro level and then break it down from a... 11 months 2 weeks
Eastdil Investment Sales vs Investment BankingI was hoping someone could provide me some info regarding the key differences here. I obviously understand that investment sales = Broker however Eastdil has a more structured approach. In my experience the Investment banking side also dabbles in Investment I guess what I am asking... 1 year 8 months
Research a Good Place to Start a Career in CREI have a possible Research Analyst position lined up in a major city for the likes of C... 2 years 1 month
Real Estate Law Questions/AdviceI am looking to get into the real estate industry in acquisitions and I have an opportunity to speak with a highly regarded RE Lawyer. I am trying to think of some good questions to ask other than just asking for advice. Anyone have some good questions or can point me in the right direction?... 2 years 5 months
CBRE Global Corporate ServicesI am wondering whether this is a good entry point into the Commercial Real Estate Industry. From my understanding you are put on a specific client and you work from the client site. You work on managaing the portfolio and possible transactions. Would like to be involved in Development/... 2 years 6 months


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Recommend Me a BookAnyone have some good recommendations for some beach reading? No textbooks more biographies or just interesting CRE books. 2 days 14 hours
NYU Schack MSRE Vs Cornell Baker Masters in RE[quote="chhedar"]True Schack accepts more students, but Schack gives you more opportunities to interact and network with the real estate players in NY. The who's who of Real Estate are on the board of Schack. But ultimately its what you make out of it.[/quote] Yes you are in NYC so you have more... 1 week 1 day
Creating a deal board...Senior Analyst, Equity (REIT) 1 week 2 days
NYU Schack MSRE Vs Cornell Baker Masters in REI personally think Cornell carriers a lot more weight for those who are in the industry. 1 week 2 days
CRE career path advice to PE analyst Also in my opinion a good debt shop can be a good place to go however I would avoid consulting. 1 week 2 days
CRE career path advice to PE analyst If I was you I would target smaller REPE firms and try and reach out or look to get into investment sales at a CBRE/Eastdill/JLL. Don't take this the wrong way but the certificate is meaningless. 1 week 2 days
Which should have the highest IRR: Office...Agree with Mott and SHB. There are too many variables and obviously everything is market dependent. However if you are looking for a generic answer my person opinion for lowest IRR to highest would be..... Multi-Family, Industrial, Office and Retail 1 week 5 days
Advise needed (REPE Fund Management vs Big 4 Corp...[quote="levin343"]Anyway - I dont intend to go to Asset level work - i Intend to just do acquisition or advising on new setup / fund raising.[/quote] What I am saying to that if you want to work in acquisitions like you previously stated....I would look for a position that is more... 1 month 12 hours
How many hours per week do you spend at the...[quote="CRE"]*Waits for everyone to vote that they work 100 hours a week even though they may have done it once, maybe*[/quote] Haha I feel like when people first graduate they think working 100 hours a week is "cool" then they turn 30 and they are like fu*k. 1 month 14 hours
Advise needed (REPE Fund Management vs Big 4 Corp...The reason I said AM or Development is because it is more applicable to acquisitions. You are actually learning about the property level detail and depending on the firm you could be doing internal valuations for the portfolio or feasibility analysis ect. The way you described your current role... 1 month 1 day