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Academic Publication Worth Pursuing?Hello WSO, I'll be starting in Big 4 audit soon (couple months) as I just finished school. My long term goal will likely be to break into something that is less accounting related, more finance or strategy driven. While I'm not sure if I'd want to take on the costs (both opportunity and... 3 1 year 16 hours
Feeling down about post-Big 4 options Hello WSO, I'm a Big 4 audit intern, just finishing up for the summer. Going into this, I was really pumped about my career prospects post-Big 4 (I know its kinda soon to be thinking of an exit strategy, but I'm playing the odds here). At my school, Big 4 audit is just about the best thing you... 55 1 year 8 months
A Big 4 audit vs tax thread, with a (hopefully)...I'm an intern this summer with a Big 4 firm in audit. Started the first few days of June. I basically chose audit because of better exit opps (into something perhaps less strictly accounting), team environment, and everyone seemingly hating tax. This was all before I had taken a tax or auditing... 19 1 year 10 months
Good shoes without breaking the bank?Whats up WSO? I had a question regarding some dress shoes, and then maybe some causal shoes. I'm graduating soon, will be going into Big 4 accounting, if that makes any difference at all. My pops wants to get me something nice for graduation. He brought up suits and ties, but as a Big 4... 59 2 years 2 months
Whatever happened to that paid Fantasy Football...Are people still down? I'm thinking 10-12 teams, for maybe like $50? More or less depending on how everyone feels. I've never actually created a paid league so I'm not exactly sure how to do it, I usually just play for free on ESPN but I'm looking to win some money haha 2 years 8 months
At the risk of sounding like a girl...Would you guys recommend any type of anti-aging facial cream? In fact, a whole routine/regimen (wash, some type of exfoliant, when to use them, etc.) would be even better. Kinda wanna nip the bags under the eyes thing in the bud, tighten skin/pores, prevent wrinkles, etc. I also have very oily skin... 36 2 years 8 months
Big 4 exit opps other than typical accounting...I know these things have been discussed, and I have a few threads bookmarked, but I'm sort of looking for specifics. I've been reading a lot of conflicting info on this topic. What type of roles can a Big 4 auditor exit into that aren't your typical accounting roles? For example, many people... 1 2 years 9 months
delete.delete, sorry 2 years 9 months
Chicago Summer HousingAnyone from the Chicago area know of any good temporary housing in the city? I have a Big 4 internship next summer, but because the time is so short, it seems it will be hard to find a sublet. I'm looking for maybe some student housing. I found this: 7 2 years 9 months
Question related to Big 4 audit and top MBA...I'm going into my fourth year at a complete non-target undergrad, have a Big 4 internship in a major metro locked in, but ultimately don't intend to stay in audit very long, 2-3 years most likely. Goals from there would be either go to F500 and try to climb the ladder, or start gaining experience... 16 2 years 10 months


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bumpbump 3 12 months 3 days
Kinda what I was thinking. I'm not exactly sure...Kinda what I was thinking. I'm not exactly sure the work it'll entail. My professor said he thinks my paper was really good and that if I was interesting in pursuing publication with him coauthoring that he'd be interested. Gotta check and see how much time/effort it would be especially considering... 3 12 months 4 days
Picking industries is tougher than I thought it...Picking industries is tougher than I thought it would be. I was always positive I wouldn't do FS or PCS, but from there, choosing "regular" companies vs regulated industries is much harder. But I'm exciting about breaking from the accounting mold as it seems like you are too 55 1 year 8 months
Yeah this makes the industry choice tough for me...Yeah this makes the industry choice tough for me. I'm not quite sure which to go with but I may go with the regulated industries group 55 1 year 8 months
marine13910: Breezy, I couldn't have said it...[quote=marine13910]Breezy, I couldn't have said it better.[/quote] [quote=breezy44]this is a very good point.[/quote] Yeah, I for sure won't be doing FS. I've pretty much narrowed it down to either the consumer/manufacturing companies group, or the regulated industries group. Tech sounds... 55 1 year 8 months
GoodBread: Cross that bridge when you get to it...[quote=GoodBread]Cross that bridge when you get to it. Kick some but for a few years before you look at B-schools, you may find you don't even need one.[/quote] One of the personal issues I have with an MBA is that I always wanted to go the "business" career route because of the lack of long-... 55 1 year 8 months
cvsdjs: Your mindset is unique at your age and...[quote=cvsdjs]Your mindset is unique at your age and you should embrace it, your future managers will love you for it. Reading your post makes me wish you were one of my analysts.[/quote] Thanks man. That means a lot, despite being from a random person on the Internet lol. Thanks a lot to... 55 1 year 8 months
My mistake, I thought you meant a post...My mistake, I thought you meant a post specifically about this type of career path. As you can tell, my two "tentative paths" are self-employment via a Tax and Accounting practice or a corporate career that drifts away from accounting (full-on corporate accounting does not interest me, would be the... 55 1 year 8 months
antmavel: You should really consider doing a...[quote=antmavel]You should really consider doing a few years in audit and transfering to TS practice, this should be available internally and would support a future move to IB ; would be easier to do 2 years in audit, 2 years in TS and then MBA to reach IB but anything is possible. [/quote]... 55 1 year 8 months
Anarchyz11: Didn't you make a thread like this...[quote=Anarchyz11]Didn't you make a thread like this a week or two ago?[/quote] Nope, must be another Art Vandelay on WSO. But anyway, thanks for the input! You're right, my parents didn't make much more than my starting salary when I was growing up, and we had a pretty damn good life! Not... 55 1 year 8 months
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