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How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossMy boss is an idiot. To make things worse, he is an insecure idiot. Graduated from a no name college, the only thing he can show off is his tenure. He's been with the company for like 7 or 8 years. Not really something to show off though, I have seen people joined only three years and now are his... 6 months 2 weeks
How do RE people in Asia network?Any professional associations, industry conferences, bars/clubs? Special interest in Hong Kong and Mainland China. :) 1 year 6 months
.Expired. 1 year 9 months
Invest using leverageI was reading another thread and the following comment by AnalystMonkey2769 is like a lightning strike: [quote=AnalystMonkey2769] To me, cash flow IS sexy. And having physical assets like property or equipment to use as collateral to get leverage up the ass is king. leverage used the right way... 2 years 1 month
How to invest?Hi guys, I will be back to b-school this year. It's cool but I will have no earnings for at least 16 months. I plan to invest around 100k. I've learned some fantastic ideas from the wso community in the past but it would be great to get more updates here. Thanks in advance! 2 years 2 months
Missing deadlineJust missed the SA application deadline at a BB (non-IB or S&T). So is it still possible to get an interview through networking, i.g. let a contact pass the resume to the decision-maker? 2 years 5 months
What are your dating turn-ons and turn-offs?Here are the common no-no's: - no endless complaints about his/her exes or anything; - avoid garlic before a make-out session. My biggest turn-on: humor and artistry. In other words, my date's job is to NOT remind me of anyone in the office who suffocates me all day. What do you think,... 2 years 6 months
Real estate in emerging markets?Such as Asia, know that currently these are the hottest markets, and are going to be for a while given the US and Europe meltdown. This question may be general, but for western investors (REPEs, pension funds, insurance companies, etc.), what are the biggest challenges to invest in real estate... 2 years 9 months
How to get Argus certified for only $500?Heard someone on WSO said it's possible? How? 2 years 10 months
RE Excel Valuation / Argus Training. 2 years 9 months


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Personal TrainerI incline to hire one as well (on a hourly basis). It's easy to workout in a wrong way and injure yourself before you even realize it. E.g. most ppl are clueless about how to protect the knees when jogging. 6 months 1 week
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossThanks. This guy's EQ is certainly high enough to make the MD here like him. Yep, I will change my attitude, maybe some good boning helps. 6 months 2 weeks
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossThank you. Noted. 6 months 2 weeks
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossI am SHOCKED by the tinder suggestion. I wouldn't say I am a 10, but surely enough to be called attractive. 6 months 2 weeks
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossUnfortunately I have budgeted another 8 months to work for this company. I need to find a way to deal with my boss before I lose my sanity. 6 months 2 weeks
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossGood question. I have worked on more than 8 multi-million investment deals for the company so far, when the guys have never directly involved in any deals - before he was magically promoted to this role 2 months ago he was the head of back office operations. He used to ask me to teach him a... 6 months 2 weeks
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossThanks, I am a girl. 6 months 2 weeks
How to Deal With Dumb-as* BossHa, this is not a debate about target versus none - target, CFA versus none CFA. It's about a guy who is clearly not capable of doing his job but pretends he is and let others clean his shit. It's been several times that he insisted on completing something in his way, and wasted 90% of the... 6 months 2 weeks
How to Crush Your Informational Interview[quote=NiuShi] ALF.: Great stuff. One question I have is regarding paying for his/her coffee or food. I feel like it would be awkward (but maybe that is just me haha). I have no problem with it, they are taking time out of their workday/lunch hour to talk to me but it still seems weird.... 9 months 4 days
Personal Finance Part 1: Credit Card Hacking (the...anyone has a Canadian version will be much appreciated. 9 months 6 days