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Dropping a ClassHey all, Did a little searching and didn't find what I wanted. I wound up missing a lot of class time due to travel for super days and I'm behind in a tax class solely based on test scores. First test is tonight and if I don't do well I'm thinking of dropping and taking the class next fall. I'll... 2 2 years 2 months
Credit Suisse ChicagoHas anybody heard from these guys? Interviewed close to three weeks ago. 4 2 years 4 months
Twitter UsageSearched WSO for a little bit and wasn't really finding what I was looking for, so I figured I'd post. I've been hearing from a lot of colleagues that they use twitter to get market information on the go. Do any monkeys here use twitter? If so, who do you follow to get your market info? Thanks 4 3 years 5 months
ER Job ShadowI'll keep this short. I've been in contact with a recruiter up at a MM, and about a month ago I had a phone call with her. During the call she asked a lot of "behavioral questions", but she didn't say it was going to be an interview going in to the call, just an opportunity to talk about the... 3 years 6 months
ER Internship PositioningI recently had a phone call with a recruiter from a middle market in the Midwest. I had originally been looking for an IB SA position, but they reserve those positions for undergrads that just finished their junior year, and seeing as I'm a sophomore I wasn't eligible. However, she told me their... 1 3 years 6 months
Bloomberg HelpI'll keep this short. Currently I'm a sophomore in the process of trying to obtain an equity research internship. I'm getting a few serious looks, but I'm looking for ways to set myself apart. I'm apart of the investment group at my school which gives me access to a bloomberg terminal. Here's my... 4 3 years 6 months
Internship Options - Entering sophmore year I'll keep this short. I'm entering my sophomore year and I have an internship at an Investment Management shop this summer (115Bil AUM). I had lunch with the president today (really likes me). He said he could get me any internship I wanted within the company next summer. The goal is to make it to... 8 1 week 3 days
Approaching My Girlfriend's Uncle...My girlfriend's uncle is an MD at a MM and I'm going to be meeting him for the first time at a wedding in a few weeks. I'd really like to leverage him as much as I can for an SA position in the future, but I don't know how to approach it while we're at this wedding without looking overbearing. Does... 17 3 years 9 months


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The cuts at Barclays are coming from non-core...The cuts at Barclays are coming from non-core business lines, not traditional coverage and product investment banking groups. In fact, a good deal of the money saved from these cuts will be reinvested into the traditional investment banking division. 7 1 year 11 months
Sat on a plane with a guy that's a VP of a...Sat on a plane with a guy that's a VP of a private company that manufactures this stuff. It was a couple months ago so I don't remember a lot of the conversation anymore, but the information I do recall is pretty interesting. He mentioned that the company he works for has a lot of contracts with... 14 1 year 11 months
Mine came in pre-employment materials via email....Mine came in pre-employment materials via email. This was received after I accepted. 3 2 years 3 weeks
I just sent you one.I just sent you one. 11 2 years 4 weeks
I would really focus on why you want to work at...I would really focus on why you want to work at UBS. I interviewed with them this winter for SA recruiting and if you could clearly talk about their new strategy and why it's going to work in the future you were already ahead of everyone else. Don't buy any more prep material, PM me and I can... 11 2 years 4 weeks
If you only preferenced single rooms and there...If you only preferenced single rooms and there are not any available you will not be placed. If that's the case your $500 deposit is refunded. If you've already applied you should get a single room though. 2 2 years 1 month
Just so you know, UBS won't be in their Park Ave...Just so you know, UBS won't be in their Park Ave location this summer. Their IBD unit is moving over to their main building prior to the start date. The main office is located on 6th between 51st and 52nd, right by Radio City Music Hall. 43 2 years 1 month
I'd peruse LinkedIn for Michigan grads that work...I'd peruse LinkedIn for Michigan grads that work in IB and shoot them emails asking for advice/help. Would say that Michigan is definitely a target for some of the regional firms, specifically in Chicago, but if your goal is NYC it's more of a semi-target. 1 2 years 1 month
Did you get a deal on it? I'm not a huge fan of...Did you get a deal on it? I'm not a huge fan of the cut, but if your body type fills it out a little better than the model's it would look sharp. I like Hugo Boss a little better than BB, but that's just personal preference (think it's a little more youthful and often times cheaper, relatively same... 17 2 years 1 month
Absolutely: just did it myself from a lesser...Absolutely: just did it myself from a lesser known (IB standards) state school in the Midwest. Game Plan: Get good grades, become involved in a couple organizations on campus (progress up the ranks), network like crazy (alumni, fraternity brothers, others from Midwest state schools, high school... 9 2 years 2 months
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