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WSO comments from the week 11/18-11/24Sandhurst comments on the tricky topic of having family connections in banking--and just how much that could matter in How much can family connections help? [quote]Can isn't the same thing as well. An MD could probably get anyone hired if he actually put his foot down, but it might not be worth... 1 3 years 5 months
WSO comments from the week 11/11-11/17Asiamoney helps to debunk the idea that it's not worth going into banking anymore in Should you even be aiming for BB IBD anymore? [quote]These are definitely trends that job-seekers should be aware of, however: 1) I don't think that at most BBs in the U.S. analyst bonuses are yet as low as $... 3 years 5 months
WSO comments of the week 11/04-11/10Rufiolove discusses the gatekeeper role that headhunters play in Can you do this?: [quote]The issue you are overlooking is that the company doesn't want to have to do additional work in order to determine if it is worth their time to interview you. They have no idea whether you are competent or... 3 years 5 months
WSO comments from the week 10/28-11/3Atleastimnotabanker in The Non-Target Curse argues that going to a top school ("target school") gives you an initial advantage. After that, it's up to you: [quote]It will always matter which university you went to. Nobody cares if you went to a non-target or a semi-target, though. What matters... 3 years 5 months
WSO Comments of the week 10/21-10/27 Rufiolove in Three Things You Didn't Know about Becoming A Rock-Star Analyst argues that, generally speaking, it pays to be good: [quote]This is a good post overall but I can say that so much of this is group dependent. For example, one major thing to note is that the disparity between top... 3 years 6 months
Comments from the week 10/14-10/20By to_IBornot_toB in Time to Respect the MSF: Top Five MSF Myths Debunked: [quote]The toughest part of the getting a job from an MSF, is that you have to sell it. Yes, there are a few "target" firms that come on campus, but more importantly you need to reach out to other people, and find what... 2 3 years 6 months
HR hated me after MD promised an in-person...After cold calling a managing director who had my resume, I managed to impress her with my sector-related knowledge. She said we'd meet in person and that I sounded like a good fit with the group. Then she told me that someone specific from HR would talk to me--then we'd arrange to have an on-site... 9 3 years 7 months
Figuring out bank's structure, group...Hello, I'm a new user and searched this site for answers first. I know every bank's website offers some idea about structure, but sometimes I find the information insufficient or inconsistent with job postings. Furthermore, it's hard to figure out the size of these groups. All of this seems to be... 1 3 years 9 months


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MonkeyBars: Does anyone have an idea of what an...[quote=MonkeyBars]Does anyone have an idea of what an associate would start at?[/quote] I just left a big three credit rating agency (significant other and I are moving to another coast), so my two cents on compensation: It's all about lifestyle. Rating analysts work something like 40 hours... 7 2 years 5 months
Do you think there's any difference in pay among...Do you think there's any difference in pay among the top three firms, Moodys, Fitch, and S&P? 51 2 years 5 months
WaitForSlutSet: I graduated debt free as well,...[quote=WaitForSlutSet]I graduated debt free as well, but you've got it completely wrong, IMHO. Your parents don't want your money and material items--your parents want your time and to be an integral part of your life. That's not to say that if you were making $300,000/year you should let your... 20 3 years 6 months
I think another good way to think about duration...I think another good way to think about duration and convexity is that duration is the first derivative of the price-yield (a k a price-interest rate) relationship. Convexity is the second derivative. 10 3 years 7 months
Got it. Thanks, guys. I'll just send the forward-...Got it. Thanks, guys. I'll just send the forward-looking e-mail to the MD and hope for the best. And you can bet that I'll always take HR seriously now. 9 3 years 7 months
I'm not looking for reassurance, but I was...I'm not looking for reassurance, but I was looking for some insight about the role of HR in the process: do they have veto power over analysts-associates-VPs-MDs' hiring decisions? I used the search function and figured that while HR isn't to be taken lightly, they don't actually make many... 9 3 years 7 months
<a href=[quote=GS][quote=bankerella] Bright pink/purple shirts. I'm not talking pastel, I'm talking bright like 1980's bright. (This was specifically on Indian males. Is that a thing?) .[/quote] Are you recruiting for a Bollywood studio?[/quote] Ha I went to India, and it's textile paradise.... 92 3 years 7 months
The behavioral guide is separated into different...The behavioral guide is separated into different sections: industry questions, personal questions, situational questions, tricky questions (about you, not about the job), other questions (tell me a joke), and what to ask your interviewer. I'm thinking that only the industry questions would be... 10 3 years 7 months
I just bought the new Behavioral Guide several...I just bought the new Behavioral Guide several days ago, and it's pretty amazing. The sample answers are extremely helpful, if not terribly creative. (The things this sample kid excels at, well, they make it easy to talk about his excellence.) Let's be real, though--these behavioral interview... 10 3 years 7 months
Bankerella, you didn't get scammed. It's not like...Bankerella, you didn't get scammed. It's not like she lied about anything that's written down on paper. She might have manipulated you a bit, but that's what charisma is all about. I have a question, though. Is your story a well known one? Or did this work out with her just because she found the... 164 3 years 7 months
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