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Securitization Market in CanadaDoes anyone have input on this? I.e. Where do the big 5 rank? Industry commentary? Specific firm input? Etc. Thanks 7 years 1 week
Experience VS NameWhat I am curious about, given the nature of the market, and slowdown in deal flow, along with recent posts that it is better to get 5 $1 billion deals than 1 $5 billion deal. How will PE recruitment look going forward? As what I understood is that if IB experience is sold on your experience at... 7 years 3 months
Business Development CompaniesI was just wondering if anyone knew what the comp was at a business development firm, and how they are looked on by MBA programs? Thanks 7 years 7 months
Doostang Job PostAnyone with access to the IB/Capital Markets group, can you post the details for this job: Thanks for any help 7 years 8 months


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Acquisition proposal presentation exampleNo need - Hopefully this works, if not ,PM me your email. 5 years 1 month
Investment Banker to Hollywood Agent???[quote=Marcus_Halberstram]There was an article sometime back that I read about a banker that (I think at JPMorgan) that basically bank rolls most of the major movies being made. [/quote] Prob John Miller at JPM, but the team is made up of former Sony Execs. No clue where this group stands... 5 years 2 months
Boutique firms & public companies.Peter J. Solomon is also advising Zale's, another public company - The answer is still yes. 5 years 4 months
Analyst comp. (Canada)Sorry thought this was for IB... not ER, haven't asked about bonus from ER friends. Also - the poster may be refering to Research Analyst, not associates, so maybe a comp of 115K base is possible. I don't know though. 5 years 8 months
Analyst comp. (Canada)Friend at a Big 5 bank - base was $70, bonus was 100% of base, I assume this is top bucket. Friend at a BB bank - Base was $85, bonus was marginal (prob $20K) 5 years 8 months
Jeffrey Chiang: You will never in your life ever...Just got the E-mail from a buddy at Citi, this thing is flying around, a lot of names copied in so far. 5 years 8 months
Sample IB pitch booksBest one I ever found online - - If you can't figure it out, it's Nortel being pitched on Avaya, a bit later stage it seems, but still better than nothing. 5 years 10 months
HELP! Current M&A Activity Question 5 years 10 months
How do you value an internet company? One article to give you some thoughts on it - formerMD has the basics covered, but always depends how much detail you care to know. 5 years 10 months
RBC, CIBC, TD, Scotia Analyst Recruitment Numbers[quote=yung_gekko] Totally wrong. I would guess ~10-20 analysts each (all Canada) [/quote] Not many firms would go that high, in the best years they probably went up to 10 - 15, but when I was going through the cycle in 2008, the figures I was told for new FT, not offers to come back, CIBC... 5 years 11 months