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That special call Hey Guys, At least in Europe, the banks have blocked numbers so you know that after interviews, when someone calls you from a blocked number, you know that it's that yay or nay call. I got mine two days ago, rushed out of class and people saw me dancing and jumping around while the HR lady... 2 years 1 month
Oh CanadaI've been doing a lot of reading lately and it seems a lot of people see a similar bubble scenario happening in Canada. The question is, how low can it go? Should we expect hippies all over Canada? I just see it as a sick profit making opportunity! 2 years 4 months
How to get the contact information of that Top...People keep telling you day in day out that you should be proactive and getting in touch with Analysts, Associates, MD's etc... Ever wondered how to get the contact info for those guys? The other day, my portfolio management professor showed me the goldmine of contacts. Factset. If you go under... 2 years 7 months


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Funniest Stories - The Analyst YearsThis one's a classic my room mate told me which I'll try on one of the interns I will be working with in 2 weeks. One day, a first year analyst left his desk in a hurry and forgot to lock his computer. It gave some of his colleagues enough time to change his favorite settings and put in the url to... 2 years 2 weeks
JPMorgan Private Bank - Compensation Ladder...Does anyone have info about compensation at the JPM Geneva office? 2 years 2 weeks
Should You Learn Mandarin? Probably Not.Go for Spanish/russian/arabic 2 years 2 weeks
Finance Culture - Personalitiesgo do some charity work like most movie stars do if you need something to feel more humane ;) 2 years 2 weeks
That special call haha that's epic 2 years 4 weeks
Assault on Wall Street: It's As Bad As You...The lifts looked a lot like those of the GS building in New York. Anyone notice that during his last attack ? 2 years 1 month
How much do you get blamed as analyst?I had a file thrown at me after my MD messed up and was looking for a scape goat... 2 years 1 month
Just started fulltime but now offered ER...internship no doubt 2 years 2 months
Losing weight - efficient and fast way to do it?PX9000 I think that's what it is called 2 years 2 months
The Week Ahead : April 8th to April 12thJPM short short short 2 years 2 months