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Is it even worth it to learn computer science?Monkeys, I'm currently at a large f100 tech company doing corp finance and plan to stay in the tech industry for the near future. However, with that said, I don't plan on doing a bunch of programming but still think it might be good to have a basic foundation. Do you think its valuable/... 6 2 years 3 months
Twitter goes public thursday!Twitter is finally going public a little earlier than anticipated. With a target price set at $23-25/share from the previous $17-20/share and a possible market cap of around $13.9B, what are your thoughts and guesses to what will happen on the first day of trading? Is twitter overvalued? 53 2 years 5 months
Excel Modeling Classes for Corp Fin out of...Hey folks, I just graduated a little early from my university and am trying to gain a little bit more experience with excel modeling prior to my start date which is in 5 months. My past internship (also a F50 comp) didn't really require me to do any crazy excel modeling. Going into my new job... 5 3 years 2 weeks
How have you guys been spending your paychecks?Monkeys, I'm going to be entering the working world as a first year analyst and was curious to see how everyone else spends their paychecks. -What percentage of it do you invest? Where do you typically put your money if you invest it? -Roth Ira/401(k)? -How much do you allow for misc.... 21 3 years 2 months
Intel Finance @ Folsom, CAHey folks, How does Intel's Corp Finance program rank in terms of F500 finance programs? I just received an offer for the Folsom, CA office but does anyone know any info or have friends that have worked in this same office? If so, could you possibly throw in your input on what you know?... 6 3 years 4 months
TM Financial ForensicsMonkeys, I have an interview with TM Financial Forensics coming up and was wondering if anyone could provide some insight. I couldn't find any information regarding the structures of the 1st and 2nd round interviews (case/behavioral/technical/etc). Also couldn't find any previous employee... 2 3 years 6 months
Grant Thornton AdvisoryI just got a call back from GT for their Business Advisory Services Associate position but I don't know too much about GT or this job position exactly. Could anyone chime in with their knowledge? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! 12 3 years 6 months
FTI Consulting: info on FTI and the Forensic and...Just got notified of a first round with FTI Consulting for their Forensic and Litigation Consulting (FEDA) position. Could anyone provide some information about FTI and maybe even this position in specific? Thanks! 1 11 months 2 weeks
The current job market for undergrad seniors?Those currently working at a firm, Could you chime in provide some insight on how the job market is affecting the new recruiting class for seniors looking for FT positions? Are there less spots this year? The same? I'm looking to recruit primarily in LA but also in SF. I was thrown into a... 10 3 years 7 months
Mercer Human Capital vs Deloitte Human CapitalMonkeys, Could those who are currently working and previously had worked at these two firms provide some insight please? I am heavily considering the two for the LA office going into full-time recruitment but can't really decide. 1) What kind of projects were you staffed on? 2) Culture?... 8 3 years 7 months


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It's great, I love my Iron Hearts. Hope you love...It's great, I love my Iron Hearts. Hope you love your se7en's! 165 1 year 9 months
Thanks for the reply @WallStreetOracle! As a...Thanks for the reply @WallStreetOracle! As a follow up quesiton, have you seen many people jump from Corp Fin to IB/PE? What seems to be the typical route they take? If not, what route do you see them usually taking after a year or two of experience? 138 2 years 1 month
@WallStreetOracle, First of all thanks for doing...@WallStreetOracle, First of all thanks for doing this, Great to hear someone's big picture view for those just entering the industry. You stressed multiple times that you should have, as an undergrad, a 3.5 GPA to enter a top 20 MBA. However, I am on the short end of the stick with a 3.3... 138 2 years 1 month
I think PLV really hit this one on the head here...I think PLV really hit this one on the head here. For a F100 company, getting a grasp of the entire business and the different segments of it is the hardest part the first 2-4 weeks. If you can learn acronyms (not key or necessary but nice to know), the different arms of the business, your arm of... 9 2 years 1 month
Yes, they definitely are. I'm at a F100 firm...Yes, they definitely are. I'm at a F100 firm with a highly competitive finance rotation program. I see people from 21-40 in different rotational roles that scale them up a level for every rotation. You aren't too late. Congrats on the program! 12 2 years 1 month
Been living in LA for 21 years here. The...Been living in LA for 21 years here. The nightlife is unreal and you have tons of options. Everything "big" is fairly close to you and no more than a $20-30 lyft ride away. There are a ton of cool bars and spots along SaMo, Venice, and West LA. I'm not sure how young you are but you also... 12 2 years 1 month
I just moved to NorCal from Los Angeles for work...I just moved to NorCal from Los Angeles for work and am currently in my 6th month of Bay Area living. I'm 22 and can give you my two cents about the whole bay area. Palo Alto is. for the most part, the breeding ground of snobby Stanford kids. There are a couple cool bars to go to (haven't gone... 12 2 years 3 months
Thanks for both opinions. I can't find it right...Thanks for both opinions. I can't find it right now but there was a TED talk that hit exactly what you pointed out, moneymogul. There are third world countries right now that are teaching kids different languages and the fundamentals of programming in grade school. However, will the basics... 6 2 years 3 months
Like accountingbyday stated, your options are...Like accountingbyday stated, your options are close to nothing until you get to a more senior level. I'm a recent college grad and I get options but it's hardly anything (Im at a F100 and they still dont give you much). Even the senior analysts and managers hardly get anything. They start to... 7 2 years 3 months
This was refreshing to read, Thanks OPThis was refreshing to read, Thanks OP 33 2 years 5 months
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