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Brush up on teh Tech IndustryHi fellow moonkies I'm curious what you all use to keep track of the trends of the tech industry, in general and in terms of M... 2 2 years 2 months
Banking sucks, where to next?So I spent 8 months to a year preparing for interviews and what not. I finally got into investment banking...and I hate it. I realize now that I want to be involved in the public markets somehow. Since most of the stuff I read is IB related, now I don't even know what else is out there. Where can... 39 2 years 5 months
Boutique M&A vs BB LevFinI'm currently doing M&A at a boutique. If I want I could go into LevFin at a 2nd tier BB. My end goal is to land a HF role; i don't care whether it's equity or distressed debt. I've read all I can about this on the site and so many people have said that it's hard to get into HF coming out of a... 4 2 years 6 months
Nomura Lev FinHow good is nomura's lev fin here in the US? are the exit ops good for hedge funds / PE? is the modeling skillset developed enough? Thanks 1 2 years 6 months
Are you....foreign?So i have a foreign sounding name. Consequently, a lot of the resumes I send to job posts are met with a "are you authorized to work in the United States?" I've had a few HR friends tell me to either put somewhere on my resume that I'm a US Citizen, or include it in the comments section of a job... 10 3 years 1 month
resume advice? prease?Hello all Could you tear apart my resume and help me improve it. I've had several people look it over, but after sending it out to hundreds of places, i'm starting to think that it's me and not "the economy" I'm trying to break into M... 2 3 years 2 months
Having a hard time interpreting job postsIB is easy, i just look for "investment banking analyst" and bam! but asset management has a million different roles and I don't know how to interpret them. I'm trying to look at asset management positions where you analyze companies, build models, report to a PM if it's a fund...but the job... 2 3 years 2 months
What can I disclose about prior deals in an IB...So I have an interview at a bank and am currently day dreaming about how I'm gonna knock the interviewer's socks off and get offered 1mm all in comp But while I was thinking about it...if they ask me to talk about my prior deals (where the only details disclosed were the names of the companies... 7 3 years 2 months
Greenlight Capital wants Apple's moneyI'll just leave this here and let others explain what's going on here 8 3 years 2 months
Trading the student loan bubbleSo, with 1 trillion worth of student loans, how would all of you savvy traders out there profit from it. Is anyone shorting Sallie Mae? or some kind of credit default swap for student loans? 7 3 years 3 months


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interested as wellinterested as well 4 4 weeks 23 hours
Any update on this?Any update on this? 14 5 months 3 days
interested as well...bumpity bumpinterested as well...bumpity bump 32 5 months 5 days
bullet three implies that the first bullet refers...bullet three implies that the first bullet refers to performance on the job, not performance on an IQ test 11 1 year 1 month
newfirstyear: As someone who works for an II...[quote=newfirstyear]As someone who works for an II ranked analyst, everything that has been said is 100% accurate from my EXPERIENCE (not from what I heard)[/quote] how would one get their hands on the rankings list? 103 1 year 9 months
Stringer Bell: I would go with Jefferies. They...[quote=Stringer Bell]I would go with Jefferies. They are smokin hot right now with a super solid balance sheet. I have a couple friends working there now and love it.[/quote] what does it mean when people say that they have a solid balance sheet or are balance sheet focused 51 1 year 9 months
torchic: Not really - hc very balance sheet...[quote=torchic]Not really - hc very balance sheet focused, and UBS has shied away from these type of deals (at least in HC) recently [/quote] what does "balance sheet focused" mean? 9 1 year 9 months
update?update? 25 1 year 9 months
Whiskey5: JPM has one of the best HC groups on...[quote=Whiskey5]JPM has one of the best HC groups on the Street. Remember though... any HC group will be a sweatshop. [/quote] what is it about HC that makes all groups sweatshops? 8 1 year 9 months
what's up with the illiquid financial assets...what's up with the illiquid financial assets group the HL launched last year? are they the only ones in that space? and is there really that much opportunity? 26 2 years 2 months
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