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Municipal Bond Research HelpJust wondering what kind of documents I should be looking at if I wanted to look into municipal bonds of certain states, cities, municipalities. I actually have no idea where to start with this, is it like corporate bonds and they have designated SEC filings? How transparent are municipalities with... 2 years 6 days
Valuation Case InterviewI recently just got an interview at a valuation group (Duff... 2 years 3 weeks
What's the most random thing you used Excel...I normally use it for budgeting and purchases, but lately I had some time and a while back for a class I had about 70 or so friends take the test / tell me their MBTI personality results. The results were pretty interesting, but not so much before I realized how sad this was. Anyways, most random... 2 years 11 months
Any good books on a summary of Middle Eastern...Anyone got any recommendations on a book that goes into more depth about financial history in the middle east, specifically how that area fared during post 2008? 2 years 11 months
Music you prefer to listen to when you need to...I tend to prefer a lot of instrumentals, I'm really big into jazz/funk hip hop samples (think Nujabes) and trance (Dash Berlin, A... 3 years 1 month
710 on GMAT (48Q/40V) Should I retake?Just took the GMAT yesterday, comes down to a 92 percentile overall but the quant percentile was horrendous, only 78. The verbal was a 90 which was probably my saving grace. My study prep was the OG 13th edition, OG Quant 2nd Edition. I'm an avid non-fiction reader and run a blog for my school's... 3 years 2 months
Recommended Sector for Distressed Debt?...I was just wondering what's a good equity sector to specialize in with an eventual goal to land in distressed debt? I'm a junior right now and have been toying around forever with my PA and mock portfolio. I decided I wanted to have a little bit more structure than just picking 5 companies randomly... 3 years 3 months


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The above was exactly what I was looking for,...The above was exactly what I was looking for, thanks! 2 years 5 days
I heard online forums were pretty good.I heard online forums were pretty good. 2 years 3 weeks
chicandtoughness: my interviewer drilled me on...[quote=chicandtoughness]my interviewer drilled me on all the "what ifs" of a DCF - what if your company doesn't have any physical assets (SaaS companies, for example) [/quote] Can you go into a little bit more detail for these? I mean wouldn't a DCF just still at its core be discounting... 2 years 3 weeks
^I mean.... is AAPL's management that incompetent...^I mean.... is AAPL's management that incompetent? 2 years 1 month
Depends on your other options really, but I would...Depends on your other options really, but I would take it. If it's for this summer, I think it'd be a bit of a risk to reject this in hopes of securing another internship. 2 years 8 months
Can you give other examples of questions that...Can you give other examples of questions that they asked? And no haven't gotten any superdays like that so far, I'm jealous. 2 years 8 months
This thread is really depressing... but I wanted...This thread is really depressing... but I wanted to come in here and wish you luck man. Keep up the search and maybe you'll come across something. What about your peers? Do you have a higher/lower GPA and are they seeing any success as well? 2 years 11 months
ba-bumpba-bump 2 years 11 months
Sony Vaio Z needs more love in here. Best screen...Sony Vaio Z needs more love in here. Best screen hands down and don't underestimate the Integrated graphics cards these days as well. My 3 year old Z can run Starcraft 2 handily with an integrated, but on video benchmarking tests on my friends new Z, it matches up really well. 2 years 11 months
Some ratios off the top of my head: LTD to Total...Some ratios off the top of my head: LTD to Total Capital, EBITDA/Interest, CFFO/Interest, LTM Increase in LTD and LTM increase in STD, average duration of bonds (if significantly leveraged) Is it secured/senior? How sustainable are the cash flows of the company? If secured by fixed assets, how... 2 years 12 months
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