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Law enforcement experience for MBA?How would t10 MBA adcomms view experience in a police force or U.S. Marshals? Assuming ~3.5 GPA and a solid GMAT. 1 year 4 months
Federal "special agent-type" work as...One of my interests is defense consulting/finance; I am studying national security and may work in a special agent (DEA, ATF, DHS) capacity after I finish undergrad but before I go for my MBA (likely to get a top-ranked masters degree first out of bachelor's). What is the consensus on that sort... 2 years 1 month
General info on Mining and Metals banks/prepJust to get it out of the way, YES I did use the search bar and YES I have seen M&I's M&M interview; didn't help me much. I'm very interested in mining and metals banking. I've developed my own major on security issues, based mostly on natural resources economic security matters, and am minoring... 2 years 2 months
Science Student - Should I Double Major Economics...As a student of Geology, I have the opportunity to either double major in economics or take various economics and finance classes. What do you collectively think about the choice? Is it worth it to have "Double Majored in Geology and Economics" on my résumé or would I gain more from the mix of... 3 years 2 weeks
Odd Situation for InternshipAs the title says. I have one. I am now a Junior in Geology (going to double in Economics) but due to a mandatory summer study program I am staying in school until Fall 2015 (not the only reason, lots of opportunities to pursue here). That being said, my Summer 2014 will be free. I can, and... 3 years 3 weeks
Architecture Minor for Eventual Real Estate...I am majoring in geology. I am going to work in mining after getting a Geo master's, get an MBA, and then either start or fund natural resources companies (through entrepreneurship, senior management, banking, or private equity). I also want to spend some time in real estate development, and am... 3 years 1 month
First foray into finance, post-MBA IB Associate....Let us assume that a given person worked in minerals for a few years after undergrad and became a manager, and then went to a top MBA. This person then had an MBA internship at a bank and worked as an associate afterwards, in natural resources, at said bank. Exit opportunities from there? Still... 3 years 1 month
Mandatory field work in Senior year. Internship...I have a conundrum, gents. I am studying geology and economics, and to complete the geology side I have a mandatory (read: cannot get out of) field work class in my Senior year summer. I hope to be involved in finance and business in the future (mining or energy, hence the geology). Is there any... 3 years 1 month
Mining private of the geoscientist...I've seen a lot of private equity funds specializing in mining with odd, nontraditional associates and partners. Ie, philosophy, and more often geology. How does that work? Do people simply work with a mining company as a geologist for some time and then switch over? After MBA? Do you need to... 3 years 1 month
From Minerals Operations to Commodities S&T....I've heard from quite a few, some on here, that getting into commodities S... 3 years 1 month


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I wanted to spare everyone the lengthy and compex...I wanted to spare everyone the lengthy and compex rationale :P I have a lot of interests and if I don't end up staying in security for the long term, my goals will probably switch to defense finance or a related field. Hence, MBA seems useful to me. 2 years 1 month
I am not asking about whether I will get special...I am not asking about whether I will get special agent out of undergrad (as I mentioned I am getting an MA; beyond that, I don't want to go into details but my situation is unique); I have that part more or less figured out. I am asking about MBA after that point in time, if I should choose to get... 2 years 1 month
Last try, any thoughts?Last try, any thoughts? 3 years 2 weeks
.. 3 years 2 weeks
I'd just like to add that I wasn't sure where a...I'd just like to add that I wasn't sure where a more appropriate place to post this would be, it isn't about B school per se. 3 years 2 weeks
Hah, "said person" doesn't want to be TOO...Hah, "said person" doesn't want to be TOO specific. Thanks for the advice, though, it is pretty much just what I was hoping to hear, and it is very appreciated. Any other thoughts, anyone? 3 years 1 month
I live in the USA, a Midwestern state, but may...I live in the USA, a Midwestern state, but may likely relocate to Canada or Australia for employment. 3 years 1 month
.. 3 years 1 month
My brain is dead. It is a senior year field...My brain is dead. It is a senior year field session, I am studying abroad Junior year or otherwise pursuing a bizdev internship. 3 years 1 month
Good advice. Just to be clear I am not seriously...Good advice. Just to be clear I am not seriously considering getting into PE/IB until likely after an MBA, and if PE as a senior level lateral. Does this change anything? I know that it is quite possible to get into IB after MBA without an internship, does it change anything for PE lateral? 3 years 1 month
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