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Corporate Development Interview for a Top...Fellow Monkeys, I have an interview coming up for a corporate development role with a large aerospace... 1 7 months 6 days
Please Help: Pitch for Corporate SponsorshipFellow Monkeys, Longtime user and fan of the WSO community looking for a little help here. I am hoping some of you can provide guidance on pitching and valuing/quantifying the benefits of a partnership to a corporate sponsor. Background: My friend’s company (youth sports programs) is... 3 1 year 3 months
Gift Ideas for Starbucks Staff??I recently accepted a job offer so I will no longer frequent the same Starbucks that I have been going to for the past 2 years. The people that work there are amazing and I would like to get them something to say thank you. Please help me come up with some quality gift ideas. Any suggestions... 13 2 years 9 months
Email Blocked! Please HelpMy company recently blocked Gmail so I am no longer able to access my personal email account for networking/sending out job applications at work. Anyone know of a way to get around this? I live in a tiny city apartment so I usually stay late at the office to work on job stuff and study. Please help... 13 2 years 12 months
Accenture CDTSAnyone familiar with Accenture's Corporate Development and Transaction Service (CDTS) team? I appreciate any insights on the type of work, pay, reputation in the industry/b-school placement, or any other useful information. Thanks. 1 3 years 2 weeks
Please help with resumeDeleted 1 3 years 1 month
Please help polish this turd - Resume ReviewDeleted 3 years 1 month
Greenspring Associates?Does anyone have any information about the firm or has heard of it? Reputation? Thanks 6 3 years 6 months


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Valuing a Business, Shannon P. Pratt -- more...Valuing a Business, Shannon P. Pratt -- more oriented toward business valuation professionals than the books you mentioned. Very detailed and ties everything back to the application 5 3 months 4 weeks
PM me if you want. I am always happy to help...PM me if you want. I am always happy to help because I made the switch from audit and understand your current situation. 5 6 months 2 weeks
Recruiters for the most part are rats. Stay away...Recruiters for the most part are rats. Stay away from roles like that one. Have you tried to jump to a TS group at another Big 4? 5 6 months 2 weeks
Welcome to DC. If your concern is exit...Welcome to DC. If your concern is exit opportunities then I would suggest taking the position with Capital One because federal consulting experience is not directly transferable to private sector work and you will get pigeonholed. PwC/Accenture/Deloitte/E... 7 1 year 2 months 1 1 year 3 months
"...including capital restructuring,shareholder..."...including capital restructuring,shareholder distributions, growth financing, acquisition financing, and asset purchases. " 8 1 year 3 months Thank you for your Thank you for your input Website Hits expected for 2015: 115,000 conservative estimate based on recent numbers Jerseys with Sponsor's Logo: 3,000 to be distributed in 2015 to approximately 2,000 unique individuals Current Mailing List: approximately 1,000 and was only... 3 1 year 3 months
I come from a similar background (2+ years of...I come from a similar background (2+ years of audit before moving to a boutique M... 5 1 year 5 months
I'm always here to help out my accountants...axe...I'm always here to help out my accountants...axe the summary section, case competition, and other employment. Either get rid of university investment club or put it as a short bullet point under your university in the education section. You need to condense your Big 4 experience into about 4 bullet... 6 1 year 10 months
I agree with brj's comments above. There is a...I agree with brj's comments above. There is a very strong bias toward federal government consulting in the DC area (I am assuming based on your position and Georgetown degree) and it is hard to shed this. As you know there is a ton of public sector consulting (Deloitte, Accenture, E... 2 1 year 11 months
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