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Keeping up with the Consulting worldTo everyone in the management consulting world, What publications do you all read to keep up with whats going on in the consulting world? Ie. Who got large new deals, any new laws/regulations, changes in the industry? What would be the consulting equiavlent of sites like Dealbook, Dealbreaker... 2 years 5 months
Anyone done this before - Has anyone done this...Hey everyone, I have a idea and I was wondering if anyone had done this successfully before. I was buying a ticket to a concert/festival and bought the pre-sale ticket for $100. 2 days later I went back and checked out prices and pre-sale was over and tickets were now $150. Now I know $50 isnt... 6 1 week 5 days
Villanova MSF ScheduleIs anyone familiar with the Villanova MSF schedule? I'm not talking about when classes are during the week but rather beginning and end dates. When does summer session end and fall begin? How about Fall to Spring? What I know so far is that this year orientation is on June 3rd followed by a 3day... 14 3 years 1 month
What would you want to learn during a Corp Fin/FP...I am 8 month's into a Corp Fin/FP... 1 3 years 3 months
Only 180k a week!So I was just browsing Jameslist and found a wonderful vacation rental for a week in Verbier. Its only $180,000 a week. Its a fantastic house with swimming pool and great amenities. You can count me in for about 2k so anyone looking to cover the other 178k please let me know. Obviously you can... 2 3 years 4 months
Spreadsheet MusicI know every monkey on here has those days where you are stuck building long uncomplicated spreadsheets. I'm talking about those spreadsheets that you could build with your eyes closed and 1 arm tied behind your back. To keep it interesting I listen to music throughout the process of writing macros... 18 3 years 5 months
MSF recommendation letters and non native English...I will be applying to MSF programs for the Fall 2013 Term. My application is solid but I obviously need letters of recommendation. I asked my current boss, the VP of Finance at a large Biotech, to write my letter and he was more than happy to write it. The second one is being written by a VP at a... 9 3 years 5 months
Best Study Breakdown for GMAT?This is a question for anyone with insight into GMAT studying. Do you think it is better to study for Quant for a few weeks then Switch to Verbal for a few weeks? Or have lets say 1 out of your 2 hours of daily study be Quant and the other half be Verbal? Or 1 week Quant 1 week Verbal? What... 5 3 years 7 months
Luxury watch to Entry level interview?So I have a first round interview with a well know PE firm and I need some advice. Thanks to being born into a well to do family I have a nice collection of watches that I wear on a daily basis. I would really love to know the etiquette on wearing one of these watches to an interview. My suit... 15 3 years 8 months
How do Adcoms view Temp workI am a recent grad and have been looking for a job for a couple of months. I interviewed and received an offer for a long term contract position (12-18months).It is a Financial Analyst (FP... 8 3 years 9 months


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AFC UTG: I'm not sure if anyone can answer this...[quote=AFC UTG]I'm not sure if anyone can answer this question but here goes: In the admissions process, would it set me apart from a majority of applicants if I focus my essay almost purely on my employment prospects? For example, I would detail a plan on using the alumni network for jobs and... 301 2 years 3 months
I'm a current student in the MSF and live in the...I'm a current student in the MSF and live in the city. I really prefer living in the city because you don't get stuck going out in the philly suburbs which frankly are quite boring. (Not that we get much time to go out ever) if you live in the city however make sure you live near either market east... 4 2 years 4 months
sfgfan10: Also, it's worth noting that I have...[quote=sfgfan10]Also, it's worth noting that I have at least one classmate who left some of the higher ranked programs to go to the USF one. Granted, that could theoretically happen if they were failing in their previous programs, but they seem like pretty smart people, so that doesn't seem to be... 195 2 years 4 months
No problem. Feel free to PM me if you have any...No problem. Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions 57 2 years 5 months
I grew up just outside San Francisco on the...I grew up just outside San Francisco on the peninsula, lived there for a year and the overwhelming majority of my friends live in the city now so I think I have a good grasp of living there. Here are a few thoughts for you: 1) Do not listen to all these people saying "save money and move to... 57 2 years 5 months
notthehospitalER: Big 4 because it is...[quote=notthehospitalER]Big 4 because it is internationally known vs your random boutique, which won't help you get into IB in the US. Big 4 because big 4 overseas will translate well to top b-schools in the US, which will help you get the jobs you want. Not AM because you might get pigeon-holed... 18 2 years 5 months
Grew up in the SF Bay Area so I have no bias......Grew up in the SF Bay Area so I have no bias...USF has zero reputation, American is a good school 195 2 years 6 months
Silent Guardian: leveragealltheway: No one is...[quote=Silent Guardian] leveragealltheway: No one is going to point out the absurdity of 500+ calls a day? 500 is the official goal.[/quote] Do the math...500 calls a day, assuming 12 hour days. Is 42 calls an hour, thats less than 90 seconds per call...20 seconds to answer and 30 seconds... 23 2 years 6 months
No one is going to point out the absurdity of 500...No one is going to point out the absurdity of 500+ calls a day? 23 2 years 6 months
You have obviously never been to California or...You have obviously never been to California or you simply bury your head in the sand because you couldn't walk through San Francisco without seeing some sort of nudity. I know the article is about people suing for it but the point is that it is taken seriously in 2012 not 1930 (the... 42 2 years 6 months
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