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Hotel / Restaraunt ValuationI'm working on a case study and came across the the scenario below which I'm having trouble figuring out? There's a mixed use property comprised of a hotel that is operated by a full-service hotel management company and a retail space that's occupied by a high-end name brand restaurant which is... 6 3 years 3 months
Valuing Non-operating/vacant or Negative Cash-...How would you go about doing this? Can't use income approach. If using comp sales approach would you look for properties not only of the same type but in the same state? - which may be a tough bet. Seems replacement approach would be the way to go? 3 3 years 5 months
REPE Development life cycleIn private equity there's an investment term during which you must call on and put all of the capital committed to work I assume. For REPE firms which undertake development projects, i'm wondering how this works considering the longer time period prior to realizing any kind of cash flows. I... 1 3 years 9 months


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Thanks for the responses all - much helpThanks for the responses all - much help 6 3 years 3 months
I already ran an analysis on the retail space: (...I already ran an analysis on the retail space: (market rent PSF for comparable retail x LSF) - So that's the safe number - and assumes a tenant is in place. The empty box would sell for considerably less. The issue is - under this scenario the total rent income would be peanuts compared to what 50... 6 3 years 3 months
Miami > LA > Various Texas Cities > NYC...Miami > LA > Various Texas Cities > NYC never been to Chicago or Boston 43 3 years 9 months
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