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The increasingly grim future of PE and how to...PS: If we could "sticky" this on the front page, that would be fantastic! Guys, I wanted to open the floor for a discussion on the future of PE. If you were to start a PE fund: i) what kind of product would you offer to your investors; ii) and how would you manage your investments... 8 1 year 6 months
AllState Investments Interview (PE arm) Hi, I'm interviewing at AllState Investments (PE arm) after 2 years in IB and 3 years in PE. Does anyone have any insights in terms of work / life balance, pay, culture and interview process. Best, Larry 3 1 year 8 months
MoneyNews = RSS feed for red-necks and tea party...Is it just me or is the MoneyNews feed extremely disturbing with it's constant anti-Obama slamming non-stop crisis reporting? Below is a summary of the current feed: •Investment Adviser: Bond Meltdown Will Fell Governments •Steve Forbes: Fed’s QE Is like the Titanic •Retirement Expert:... 2 2 years 11 months
Negotiate for higher salary after two years (...Here's the deal, looking for advice on how the negotiate for a higher salary this week: - Worked for two years at 2bn PE fund, previously two years in M... 8 3 years 4 months
How does the R nomination process work?Can someone give a quick dl to a non-american user? I'm utterly confused by the process, but I hope RP wins, he is spot on in many questions. 2 4 years 4 months
Finance Professionals in ZurichAre there any WSO users currently working in Zurich, Switzerland. I've moved here a few weeks ago from London. It would be great to organize a meet up if there is enough interest. Cheers, BBB 1 4 years 6 months
Sarah Palin + Glenn RiceThis is hilarious... Finding the truth in the fast-developed Sarah Palin scandals involving claims that she A) had sex with Miami Heat star Glen Rice in the 1980s, B) snorted cocaine from a 55-gallon drum years ago while snowboarding with her husband, Todd, and friends, C) had an affair with her... 4 4 years 7 months
Paul Capital Modelling TestHi, I'm taking a modelling test by Paul Capital next week (as a final DD check... :-)). Please PM if you have been through it before. Much appreciated! 4 years 10 months
Advice for AthletesHey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Im an athlete (football) at a major State School in the Midwest. Im interested in I-Banking, I was wondering how common it is for athletes to get into I-Banking. Im a double major in Accy/Fin (3.9+ GPA) but I don’t have any previous summer... 27 8 years 5 months


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To be honest, being an investment banker is not...To be honest, being an investment banker is not the best career choice for someone that's bipolar... I would urge you to reconsider!!! 30 2 months 3 weeks
WTF?WTF? 8 3 months 5 days
bumpbump 3 5 months 2 weeks
Forgot to mention, I'm 32 years old, and since...Forgot to mention, I'm 32 years old, and since recently also a CA. Employer will sponsor half the cost, it's in a cost-competitive industry, so no lavish perks... =D 503 5 months 4 weeks
Hi Natialie, I'm thinking about applying to...Hi Natialie, I'm thinking about applying to Harvard's PLD program. My background below... do I have enough experience? Double citizen: Austrian / Danish Languages: English, German, Danish Undergrad: - Public university in the USA - B.Sc.: Major in economics, minor in engineering... 503 5 months 4 weeks
As I mentioned, I believe family offices are...As I mentioned, I believe family offices are hugely underserved. Three key questions! What product would you offer to family offices in order to differentiate yourself: - What are the financial terms: o Management fee [1.5% on AUM?] o carry [15.0% on 8% hurdle rate; deal-by-deal basis?] o... 8 1 year 6 months
Monkey's advice is wrong. It depends on whether...Monkey's advice is wrong. It depends on whether you use closing accounts (business is sold cash-and-debt free / you have to fund the cash on the BS at closing) or locked-box (purchaser gets to keep cash as of locked-box date). If you use locked-box you will have to pay interest on the purchase... 3 2 years 9 months
This happened to me the first year as an analyst...This happened to me the first year as an analyst: - Got hammered at the Christmas party doing shots with the VP from another office whom I worked with on two deals - On the way to the toilet stumbled into a table shattering two bottles of champaign, ripped my shirt and started bleeding - Hid in... 78 3 years 4 months
One more data point: - Firm is at the end of the...One more data point: - Firm is at the end of the fund lifetime and in the process of raising a new / bigger one. As a result management fee will drop from 2% to 1% in January which should be off-set by the new fund starting summer 2013 8 3 years 4 months
Yes, but students are retarded at a non-target....Yes, but students are retarded at a non-target. You need to compare what people accomplish to get an A, not how many get one. 18 4 years 4 months
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