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The increasingly grim future of PE and how to...PS: If we could "sticky" this on the front page, that would be fantastic! Guys, I wanted to open the floor for a discussion on the future of PE. If you were to start a PE fund: i) what kind of product would you offer to your investors; ii) and how would you manage your investments... 1 year 1 month
AllState Investments Interview (PE arm) Hi, I'm interviewing at AllState Investments (PE arm) after 2 years in IB and 3 years in PE. Does anyone have any insights in terms of work / life balance, pay, culture and interview process. Best, Larry 1 year 3 months
MoneyNews = RSS feed for red-necks and tea party...Is it just me or is the MoneyNews feed extremely disturbing with it's constant anti-Obama slamming non-stop crisis reporting? Below is a summary of the current feed: •Investment Adviser: Bond Meltdown Will Fell Governments •Steve Forbes: Fed’s QE Is like the Titanic •Retirement Expert:... 2 years 6 months
Negotiate for higher salary after two years (...Here's the deal, looking for advice on how the negotiate for a higher salary this week: - Worked for two years at 2bn PE fund, previously two years in M... 2 years 11 months
How does the R nomination process work?Can someone give a quick dl to a non-american user? I'm utterly confused by the process, but I hope RP wins, he is spot on in many questions. 3 years 11 months
Finance Professionals in ZurichAre there any WSO users currently working in Zurich, Switzerland. I've moved here a few weeks ago from London. It would be great to organize a meet up if there is enough interest. Cheers, BBB 4 years 1 month
Sarah Palin + Glenn RiceThis is hilarious... Finding the truth in the fast-developed Sarah Palin scandals involving claims that she A) had sex with Miami Heat star Glen Rice in the 1980s, B) snorted cocaine from a 55-gallon drum years ago while snowboarding with her husband, Todd, and friends, C) had an affair with her... 4 years 2 months
Paul Capital Modelling TestHi, I'm taking a modelling test by Paul Capital next week (as a final DD check... :-)). Please PM if you have been through it before. Much appreciated! 4 years 5 months
Advice for AthletesHey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Im an athlete (football) at a major State School in the Midwest. Im interested in I-Banking, I was wondering how common it is for athletes to get into I-Banking. Im a double major in Accy/Fin (3.9+ GPA) but I don’t have any previous summer... 8 years 3 weeks


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bumpbump 2 weeks 1 day
Forgot to mention, I'm 32 years old, and since...Forgot to mention, I'm 32 years old, and since recently also a CA. Employer will sponsor half the cost, it's in a cost-competitive industry, so no lavish perks... =D 3 weeks 5 days
Hi Natialie, I'm thinking about applying to...Hi Natialie, I'm thinking about applying to Harvard's PLD program. My background below... do I have enough experience? Double citizen: Austrian / Danish Languages: English, German, Danish Undergrad: - Public university in the USA - B.Sc.: Major in economics, minor in engineering... 3 weeks 5 days
As I mentioned, I believe family offices are...As I mentioned, I believe family offices are hugely underserved. Three key questions! What product would you offer to family offices in order to differentiate yourself: - What are the financial terms: o Management fee [1.5% on AUM?] o carry [15.0% on 8% hurdle rate; deal-by-deal basis?] o... 1 year 1 month
Monkey's advice is wrong. It depends on whether...Monkey's advice is wrong. It depends on whether you use closing accounts (business is sold cash-and-debt free / you have to fund the cash on the BS at closing) or locked-box (purchaser gets to keep cash as of locked-box date). If you use locked-box you will have to pay interest on the purchase... 2 years 4 months
This happened to me the first year as an analyst...This happened to me the first year as an analyst: - Got hammered at the Christmas party doing shots with the VP from another office whom I worked with on two deals - On the way to the toilet stumbled into a table shattering two bottles of champaign, ripped my shirt and started bleeding - Hid in... 2 years 11 months
One more data point: - Firm is at the end of the...One more data point: - Firm is at the end of the fund lifetime and in the process of raising a new / bigger one. As a result management fee will drop from 2% to 1% in January which should be off-set by the new fund starting summer 2013 2 years 11 months
Yes, but students are retarded at a non-target....Yes, but students are retarded at a non-target. You need to compare what people accomplish to get an A, not how many get one. 3 years 11 months
What are you talking about? It is very common, do...What are you talking about? It is very common, do it and generate business for your firm at the same time. 4 years 1 week
Maximus Decimus Meridius: bbballer: Zurich +...[quote=Maximus Decimus Meridius][quote=bbballer]Zurich + Pay 10% in taxes + Go skiing every weekend + London salaries x 2 + Work life balance - Only 300k ppl - Girls are ugly[/quote] The fact that there's only PWM there would also be a con to many.[/quote] Hmm, Geneva is the hub for... 4 years 2 weeks
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