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The Oil Traders' Word(s)The Oil Traders' Word(s) Oil trading Jargon at Here I am, working 25 years in the oil business. Talking and talking using a lot of slang. "Oil Trading Jargon" they call it. Oil language is a tribal language. We use the words as if the oilmen talk in common language. The... 2 years 8 months
Group: "Books about Oil trading"The group is growing steadily. 14 member and 5 books on the list. But I am sure there are many more books about trading available. Please join the group and let us know what book about trading you like to add on the list. Meaning is to create a library at Wall Street Oasis group page. So what... 2 years 10 months


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OIL 101 pdfAnswer to the question: "What is the difference between a dictionary and my book?" A dictionary is boring. Many pages with as many words as possible on one page Each word fat printed and a direct meaning in a view words. A scientific piece of work, theory stuff. My book, "The oil traders'... 2 years 8 months
OIL 101 pdfHi, I bought one is a well, of course, each trader should have Oil101. By the way...... .........It is a good fit with my book as well :). You will understand a lot of the term used in Oil101 Best regards The author of "The oil traders words" 2 years 8 months
Good Books/Websites for Commodity Trading?Good question Mr. Blender :) I just created a blog about the book. But here in short: The book is a 560 pages word-book or dictionary. A collection of all definitions and jargon I heard over the last 25 years in the oil business. It describes the meaning of the oil words as we use them in practice... 2 years 8 months
OIL 101 pdfBuy a new one, do not steel. The author worked hard for it to make this book available. Best regards The author of "The oil traders words" 2 years 8 months
Trading to Top MBA ChancesSchool is important, get your entrence ticket to joblife. Learn the job on the job. For oil trading the are many books. What about this one that explains oil traders business language, "The Oil Traders' Word(s)". It is written straight from practise. When you are not familiar with the language in... 2 years 8 months
Good Books/Websites for Commodity Trading?The oil traders words 2 years 8 months
Good Books/Websites for Commodity Trading?I would recommend "The Ol Traders Words" It describes all definition and jargon related to oil trading,logistic and refining. You must understand the oil business language to avoid getting stuck with words during meetings and discussions. Website is 2 years 8 months
If you want a top MBA, avoid tradingAnd then you are a trader after MBA? Maybe a paper. Do not forget to learn the trading Jargon, you learn to become a trader on the job. Then you will find out if your are a trader or not. Good luck with the career. Greetings, 2 years 10 months