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Ugly AmericansJust finished Ugly Americans last night. Any old school traders (i.e Eddie) around to comfirm whether the John Malcom is Mike Lerch, and Dean Carney is Richard Tavos. Thanks. 1 2 years 9 months
ER or HF Headhunter ContactLong story short, my firm decided to close down recently so I am out of a job. I got a short list of headhunter contacts already, but was hoping someone on this site could PM me some more. Thanks. 3 years 3 months
OTR GLOBAL Credibility Any input would be great on their research. I never payed attention to their headlines before. Thanks. 3 years 4 months
Industry BooksHey guys, I was looking into learning some of the old markets and was wondering if you guys had any books recommendations where I can understand the industry economics. The industries i was interested currently are: -Energy: oil, natural gas, coal -Financials: credit card related, banks -Autos... 3 3 years 6 months
Apple under TIm CookI feel Apples declining under Tim Cook and not just because of today's miss. Anyone else feel that way? Steve Jobs seemed to have this unique ability to foresee the future and predict the change in landscape while Tim Cook is just trying to milk the current pipeline as much as he can. And Tim Cook... 5 3 years 6 months
MNKD 2ndary IPOCan anyone tell me why the fuck Mankind which was trading at $2.60 yesterday decide to sell 2ndary IPO of 40 million shares (200 mil diluted outstanding most recent #s) + 30 million of warrants combined for $2? I get they are selling to their parent company but wtf is this shit. 4 3 years 6 months
Bloomgberg BriefWondering what others thought about Bloomgberg Brief (type Brie ). The Bloomberg sales/account rep came in last week and introduced us to all these random stuff, and brief was one of them. I figured i'd get a good short summary of global macro news from overnight but it seems to be more of fodder... 3 3 years 6 months
Banks, Loss Provision Cash FlowWhats the accounting rule of Banks recording profit when provision of loan loss decreases? I read that back in the day, companies would manipulate earnings thru changing provision rates and pension asset return rates. But I have no clue how it works now. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you. 3 years 7 months
No Treasury StocksIs there any reason for a company that buys back 3-5% of their market cap worth of shares every year to not keep them in treasury stocks, but instead to retire them? I found this quite odd for this company since they do pay a shitload in stock options. 2 3 years 7 months
Consulting ValuationNeed help modeling the revenue growth out for consulting companies. I've been using headcount growth X average revenue per headcount but that seems to be too much guess work. Any tips? Thanks. 3 years 7 months


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I've been told by my colleagues and the PM that I...I've been told by my colleagues and the PM that I should quit reading every report cover to cover and just literally skim thru it and then figure out if its worth reading or not. I still have not mastered this technique yet but seems to work the guys in the office so much work. 62 1 year 10 months
with social media today, i don't understand why...with social media today, i don't understand why anyone would agree to interview without using a pen name if your not someone well known already. Wayyyy too much backlash. 31 2 years 2 months
passed 70%> on most , cept ECON, Quant, and...passed 70%> on most , cept ECON, Quant, and Ethics....Dunno how i passed when i scored so poorly on like the 3 highest weighted portion of the test. (50% 14 2 years 2 months
New way to launder money, Bitcoins.New way to launder money, Bitcoins. 14 2 years 5 months
You need to update your #s eddie, Google...You need to update your #s eddie, Google apparently offered 4 billin for Snap-whatever its called. 34 2 years 5 months
I bet Xi Jinping is trying to punish banks for...I bet Xi Jinping is trying to punish banks for the shadow lending going on. But in the end they Chinese government controls the major banks so I'd doubt we'll see a Lehman over there. If anything they need to raise the lending cap or abolish that shit all together to reduce the shadow banking... 11 2 years 10 months
you can always PM me ur email address or phone can always PM me ur email address or phone # and you could elaborate on your thought process that way. BTW good call on OReily. Outperformed my MSFT pick last year at my old fund. 54 2 years 11 months
Going to go out on the limb and say our...Going to go out on the limb and say our theoretical company is IBM. 54 2 years 11 months
SA in 6. Popovich is the better coach and SA...SA in 6. Popovich is the better coach and SA execution is better. 124 2 years 11 months
Interesting thing is they want a 2% inflation,...Interesting thing is they want a 2% inflation, but with such a high Debt/gdp ratio and the country's interest payment being where its at, i don't know if they can handle higher bond yields if domestic investors starts selling bonds looking for better yields. 40 2 years 11 months
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