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Leaving Banking for HF JobsI'm sure this has been covered in previous threads, but I didn't see anything recent so figured I would start something new. I'm currently in a 2 year banking program a BB in a top group and have been recruiting for HF opportunities for the past few months. I've been fortunate enough to land... 3 months 4 days
Stock Pitch - price target hit before interviewThis may be a naïve question, but haven't done many stock pitches before (had an ER interview back in college that was about it), but you spend days and weeks crafting an investment thesis and coming up with a price target (in this case mine was ~25% above current stock price) only to find that in... 7 months 1 week
Levered FCF build- helpQuestion for anyone at the office right now, unsure why this is giving me a headache.... Building to levered fcf for a growth company to value their first manufacturing facility project. Taking out interest expenses and capex netted against the debt issued to fund the construction. During... 10 months 1 week
Thoughts on Converting 1 BR to 2Wasn't sure where to post this, but title says it all- looking for a new place in the city with my roommate, and we've found some really nice 1 BR places with very spacious living rooms that look like they would work for a convert. I'm guessing a fair amount of you have done/ are doing this, and... 1 year 4 months
Cities to visit with minimal travelCurrently on East Coast looking to plan a 5/6ish day vacation in June with my girlfriend. Because it is only for 5 or so days, not worth flying out to Europe or Asia (IMO), so would prefer to stay either N. America or Central America (basically maximum 5-6 hrs of flying and 2-3 hrs time difference... 1 year 4 months
More analysts staying on for third year, why? Was doing some thinking today, particularly around the issue of analyst retention with the new Goldman policy (and other firms having different policies- some hiring fewer analysts and more post MBA associates). Now I'm not sure if this applies to all the banks on the street, but at my firm 90% (a... 1 year 8 months
Black Jack's SA Recruiting Advice ThreadI made a thread last year around February after receiving my SA offer, walking through the steps I had taken that I thought made me successful throughout the process. I ended up signing with the firm I summered at and in the same group as well. Now that SA season is heating up (accelerated stuff... 1 year 10 months
Best "Culture" Groups on the StreetThis is just for fun- curious to get peoples opinions. Whether a specific group within a BB (from direct experience or experience working at that BB in another group) or maybe a boutique. Lets hear it. I know GS Healthcare is supposed to be pretty relaxed, and obviously most of us have heard... 1 year 10 months
PE Informal RecruitingHey All, Had a quick question regarding PE recruiting. For smaller firms (people wise, ie not MFs), is it appropriate to reach out to professionals at the firm that went to the same UG College/University (less looking at associates and more-so Principals/Partner level)? If these firms work... 2 years 1 week
Citi Power, MS Power Utilities, BAML Energy and...Does anyone have insights into any of these groups? - How well are they respected inside the firms -What sort of placement do they have into PE/HF- specifically do they send only to energy funds or other funds as well -What sort of deal flow are they getting Any other information would also... 2 years 2 weeks


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I would say first and foremost (and others may...I would say first and foremost (and others may disagree), but I'd really make sure you want to work for a HF before beginning the recruiting process and going to headhunters saying you'd like to. It's much more difficult to recruit for 1 off HF opportunities, and in general I've found that... 2 months 1 week
I really doubt anything will come of this....I really doubt anything will come of this. Nothing he says in it is particularly bad, and it is clearly a joke. Those saying he's going to get fired or his PE offer rescinded are absolutely insane. 2 months 3 weeks
I would say for a non name brand fund in the $...I would say for a non name brand fund in the $600MM-$1.5Bn range, 200-250k all in would be reasonable to expect. Basically 100-125k base and 100% bonus. From what I've heard, anything sub 100k base should be seen as a red flag for a fund of this size (makes sense given 2nd year IBD analyst... 3 months 3 days
Bump - would appreciate any additional thoughts...Bump - would appreciate any additional thoughts on this 3 months 6 days
I'm guessing you're hoping the summer offer turns...I'm guessing you're hoping the summer offer turns into some sort of immediate start FT offer (you would be stupid to not be hoping that)? In any case I would absolutely not add it to your Linkedin. Literally tiny if any upside; not worth it. 3 months 1 week
Thanks for the reply, and I think those are a lot...Thanks for the reply, and I think those are a lot of good points. I'm just finishing up my 1st year of banking, for what it's worth, and I would be leaving for an immediate start. 3 months 1 week
What is the point of this thread? What is the point of this thread? 3 months 1 week
If you have a reasonable shot at getting into...If you have a reasonable shot at getting into both, please choose CMC - it is significantly stronger and more highly regarded school than Lehigh (which is also a good school just on a different level). Even if the alumni base in NY is smaller, those that know CMC (which will be a larger group than... 3 months 1 week
I'd view TMT/FIG as the top 2 groups followed by...I'd view TMT/FIG as the top 2 groups followed by Industrials followed by HC/Consumer followed by Natural resources (or whatever they call it over there. In my mind CRG/HC has been weaker since the merger. Can elaborate that in a PM if necessary but those would be my rankings (purely in terms of... 7 months 1 week
CCMP absolutely. PM if want more color- familiar...CCMP absolutely. PM if want more color- familiar with both these firms 9 months 1 day