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Making money off the new 30 Year Middle East War...(Author's note: here’s a sequel to the other article I wrote on investments and conflict:) I’ll be going to Erbil, Kurdistan, to check on some our company’s investments. I’ve gotten my GoRuck pack, my desert boots, and of course my iPad with the Bloomberg app installed — baller. Our investments... 11 1 year 10 months
The Beats Acquisition Proves Apple has Lost its...Does the acquisition of Beats portend badly for the future of Apple? It may even be a desultory reminder that Apple, in effect, not only doesn't have a real plan to be as radical as Steve Jobs but no longer wants to be. Apple’s R... 33 1 year 11 months
Start-up hedge fundI'm thinking of joining a hf of about 100 mil but as a partner. I'll forgo any salary to get the % of aum. However, what do you guys think given I probably won't be bringing in any clients for the next year or so as I adjust myself into hf. They want me on as a hedge investment guy, but surely I... 7 2 years 14 hours
My review of Michael Lewis’ Flashboys: A Wall...‘Socialism’, Albert Einstein said, is humanity’s attempt ‘to overcome and advance beyond the predatory phase of human development’, and for G.A. Cohen ‘every market … is a system of predation.’ It reminds me of the FX HFT market. Imagine a large men’s club, the larger men in one area, and the... 11 1 year 12 months
Why the recent flight to quality to Africa is an...Safety from the Ukrainian Crisis investors? Fine, begin your sadly shortened investor’s joinery with a mixture of funk and bewilderment into the heart of financial darkness — the likes of Greece and Africa and two big winners in the most recent flight to quality. It does seem odd.... 2 years 2 weeks
Making Money off of Fallen CountriesI recommend first looking into my previous article about the Ukraine before this in order to understand the strategic scope of a crisis, plotting it over-time, and how it can be alleviated for the sake of us, the financial observers. What's below acts more as a guide than a real blog post... 12 2 years 1 month
Ukraine: What’s going on there and why we should...Putin once replied to a British Diplomat who sat beside him in The Kremlin saying, 'You have Guards with 18th century costumes, why shouldn't we!?' To which the diplomat replied, 'My dear President, you are supposed to be running a forward-looking Russia -- old costumes from Soviet-era films do not... 9 1 year 11 months
The CFTC Needs to F OffOften when financers hear of the term “democratic legitimacy’ they’ll either go running for the door as if the FBI HRT team is try to catch for crimes against humanity, or simply shake their heads. When it comes to the commodities houses and the CFTC, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission,... 2 years 4 months
What will the PRC Bank do with their Bad Banks?Note: For those not in the know, the PRC only delivers PRC –released data. Moody’s, Fitch, and S... 2 1 year 11 months
Is the carry trade the way forward?As a fixed income guy, it's entertaining it see the the S... 1 1 year 11 months


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That's the end of that:'s the end of that: 11 1 year 10 months
Look, I'm not saying you shouldn't have both...Look, I'm not saying you shouldn't have both perspectives, there are plenty of PhD Investors out there (and again I would guide you to Thomas Kaplan is one of the most "academic" of the big hedge fund gurus in commodities, take a look at Kaplan's piece at 11 1 year 10 months
Sorry, you're right and I totally got my...Sorry, you're right and I totally got my impression of you wrong. I think I'm suffering some jet lag until I get my next flight to Erbil. So, in general, I think you need to distinguish between the economist and the investor's approach. The economists are, in many ways, the know it alls. The... 11 1 year 10 months
Volo: To me it seemed obvious even before the...[quote=Volo]To me it seemed obvious even before the Iraq War that the country would be divided if Saddam were removed. I doubt the Bush administration weren't aware of this when they decided to go to war. The question I'm struggling with is: Other than the obvious reason that many politicians... 11 1 year 10 months
What do you think of Oliver North's argument (...What do you think of Oliver North's argument (here: 11 1 year 10 months
Well, from my contacts the Kurds choose to...Well, from my contacts the Kurds choose to takeover Kirkuk and go further. They announced it's apart of their governante, the KRG, and even appointed a new governor for it. As for Iran, yes they're sending the Quds force but they sent them during the "Surge" in 06-07 and were pretty easily... 11 1 year 10 months
I mean, I'm not sure where you are in your career...I mean, I'm not sure where you are in your career but again, I worked abroad and I've seen the very worst and best in humanity before I started working in finance. Perhaps he's a good lesson to anyone who's young and immature of how not to act, what not to do, what not to say, etc. Perhaps it might... 48 1 year 10 months
I think the worst, and this reflects on some...I think the worst, and this reflects on some members of WSO who have asked me for help and others in real, out there, too, is they feel like they "deserve" the help. This is a common syndrome of how you're brought up (if you're brought up by your mother, totally protected by her, and told you'... 48 1 year 10 months
Guys, don't believe this guy for one second. He's...Guys, don't believe this guy for one second. He's sent me false pms, he's posted numerous times where people have thrown monkey shit at him for his antics, he's a spammer, a troll, get rid of this guy. 39 1 year 10 months
pm me about thispm me about this 1 1 year 10 months
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